Media.Net Review – Best Adsense Alternative of Yahoo Bing Network

Media.Net Review – A Yahoo Bing Publisher Network

When there is a option for earning money online through  blog, PPC Ad Network is a first option by most of the bloggers. The best reason is PPC Contectual Ad network will serve ads related to your content and so the CTR will be very high in compare to direct ads. Among all PPC Ad Network, Google Adsense is the best Contextual publisher network because of their highest CPC and CPM rates for all source countries and Niche.

But when if you are getting banned by Adsense for any reason, you will search for best Adsense Alternatives, Today, after Google Adsense, Media.Net is a best Alternative of Google Adsense because of their tie up with Yahoo Bing Network and good CPC and CPM rate.

Media.Net ReviewMedia.Net is good for small scale and big scale websites. There are many good things about Media.Net, the one is they are providing Dedicated Account Manager for quick start and setting up your pesonalized dashboard. The same service you can get at Adsense by getting Premium Adsense Account.

Currently, Media.Net is accepting Publisher Account by request only. If you will get any request mail from Media.Net then trying is worth, however you can also visit their site and request for review your site and to give request mail for opening Publisher Account. Request an Invitation for Publisher Account at Media.Net

Let us discuss regarding Media.Net good and bad in compare with Adsense. It is always good to comapre with leader, right ?


Why Media.Net Ad Publisher Network? Media.Net Review

As it is an owned by Yahoo Bing Ads Network, so the first image is good and hence Media.Net will attract many Advertisors for getting Premium leads to their bussines. Refer the below discussion about Media.Net CPC, CPM, Ads Style, Type of Ads and on other major topic.

Ad Network – is basically contextual Ads Network, so it will serve ads based on Content of your site and that is the best way to improve your CPC and CTR. As I say earlier, Media.Net is the strong competitor of Adsense so many things you get here same as Adsense. Contextual Ad network is like, if your one of the blog article is about computor, then Media.Net will serve the Advertisements related to computor or its assesories. Such way you can get very good CTR (Click through Rate) and earning also.

Type of Ads – Media.Net is serving the same ads option in size like Adsense. All different sizes are available as per your requirement same as Adsense Ads unit. Apart from that they are providing Mobile Ads with the same network. In Adsense before 2 years, Mobile ads option was their inside the Adsense Dashboard but now they separate both the Publisher options and serving Mobile Ads through Admob.

Media.Net Ad Sizes

Dash Board – Media.Net provides Dedicated Account manager for all account, compare to that, Google Adsense provide such service to Premium Adsense Account only. So that is the good thing for to optimize your earning.

Technical Support -  I am so surprised to see such a wonderful Technical support they provide, I was firstly invited by Media.Net but you I was not interested more as I am satisfied with my Adsense Account, So I have simply replied them why I joined you and How I can earn more. I have got replied within the same day with proper point to point reply and also he gave their total contact information and told me to assist throughout the journey, I have never received such type of mail from Adsense directly from Adsense officials for any reason. I like their Technical Support service, He also suggest me some banner size and location to earn more and improve CTR after reviewing my site.

Good Platform to Earn More – Because of Yahoo and Bing big Network involved, the inventory of Ads and list of Advertisers are very sound and provides the good Ads bids that will earn you more.

Easy Payout – Payout is easy and at 100$ . Currently Paypal and Wire Transfer Payment option are available.

Unlimited Websites - After getting approval of one of your site, Media.Net allow to serve their Ads to all your websites with the same account manager same as Adsense.

How to Join Media.Net – As Media.Net is not directly open for all publisher but accept only those having some good amount of traffic specially from US/UK or good niche website with quality content. However they are sending request for signup otherwise you can also put a request to invite your for the same network.

Request an Invitation for Publisher Account at Media.Net

Typically, Bing and Yahoo Ad network will provide their Ads inventory through Media.Net so if you want to use Bing Ad Network then its better to request an invite at Media.Net. After getting requuest mail from Media.Net, their one of representative will give your the Account manager Login details to add your details.


Adsense Vs Media.Net – Comparison

TopicGoogle AdsenseMedia.Net - A Yahoo Bing Publisher Network
Owner and Ads InventoriesAdsense is Owned by Google so All Ad Inventories are for Adsense Only.Media.Net is owned by Bing Yahoo Network and hence All Media.Net Ads Inventories are shared between Yahoo, Bing and Media.Net
Dedicated Account ManagerProvides Dedicated Account Manger for Premium Adsense Publisher OnlyProvides Dedicated Account Manger for all Publisher Account
CPC RateAdsense have lot more Ads inventories around the world so their CPC rate is much much higher.Media.Net Ads inventory is good but low compared to Adsense, their Ads CPC rate is good for US/UK Traffic but low for other countries.
Approval ProcessUser should signup for the Adsense Publisher Account, Team will review and provide approval based on some minimum quality and traffic of the site.User can not signup, but he account creation will be done based on the Invitation given by Media.Net team, However you can also request them to invite you for their program. Approval require some good amount of traffic from US/UK countries.
PayoutPayout is 100$Payout is 100$
CPM RateGoogle Adsense CPC rate is not beatable and best in the industries, for US/UK Traffic you can get up to 100$ CPM Ads bid and for Asian Counties you can get minimum 1.5$Media.Net is targeting mostly US/UK Traffic so their CPM rate may also be good for US/UK depending upon site niche. For Asian Counties They will give 0.6 to 1$ CPM Ad bid which comparatively higher then other Ad network but can't beat Google Adsense.


Conclusion on Media.Net Review

Media.Net is a second trusted and highest paying Publisher Ad Network in the Industries. For Adsense Alternatives, I will put Media.Net on 1st number because of their dedicated service, Targeted Ads Inventories and good CPC and CPM ads. Share your experience with Media.Net through comments. Hope you get enough information about Media.Net Reviw.


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