Windows 10 Sarkanakmens 5 (RS5) Builds Changelog

Windows 10 Sarkanakmens 5 (RS5) Builds Changelog Recently Microsoft provided a new option "Skip Ahead" uz Windows 10 Insiders which could be enabled using Settings -> Atjaunināšana & Security -> Windows Insider Program page. This "Skip Ahead" functionality was implemented for those people who wanted to

Windows 10 Sarkanakmens 4 (RS4) Builds Changelog

  Microsoft has released the new Windows 10 version "Windows 10 Rudenī radītāji Update" to public on October 17, 2017. Now the company has started releasing builds for the next version of Windows 10 codenamed as Redstone 4. Šajā rakstā, we'll list all changes, improvements

Bitcoin Exchange Admin jāmaksā par Lying Par Hack

US authorities have arrested a Texas man who founded two Bitcoin-related platforms that got hacked. Officials charged the on accusations of lying to Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) officials in the subsequent investigation. The accused is Jon "Ukyo" Montroll, a resident of Saginaw, Texas, and founder of