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How To Change The Start Screen In Word 2016

Sure Office 2016 has been around for a bit now, but trust me, there are still lots and lots of users who are still slogging through the settings that just are not to their liking. Those users will never be comfortable with the applications the

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Night Light vs F.Lux

Night Light The Night Light concept is not a new thing. It’s been around for quite a long time now, and much longer than Microsoft would have you believe, having brought up the subject as some sort of innovation. Wrong. There are many third-party solutions

Windows 10 Version 1709 Improvements And Fixes

Microsoft has been busy updating their various products on this February 13, 2018 “Patch Tuesday”. Given the horror show in January of this year, many tech-savvy people are recommending that you defer these updates until the unpaid beta-testers have finished grumbling about how these patches

How To Delete Old Windows Installations

You know what it’s like. You bought a new hard drive, likely an SSD, but you can’t bring yourself to nuke the old Windows installation because either you want to keep it in case the new install goes belly up, or worry that pressing the

How To Set Line Spacing In Word 2016

The latest iteration of Word is geared more toward folks using the Web. The default line spacing has been changed to 1.15 — a more casual look that works well if you are creating content for the Web. If you are not, Tomēr, and most

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Group Policy Tweaks

Group Policy Editor Several articles on Dave’s Computer Tips have suggested using the Group Policy Editor (GPE). The GPE is a more user-friendly choice than rummaging about in the Registry, where people, especially the uninitiated, are prone to making mistakes that can be the cause

How To Hyphenate Selections In Word Document

Hyphenation is the process of adding hyphens to words at the beginning of lines so the hyphenated part will fit at the end of the previous line. Hyphens are inserted between syllables in a word. How To Hyphenate Selections Word offers you two types of

Windows 10 Quick Tips – Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool In my line of work a proper screenshot grabber is a necessary tool of the trade. Many people, Tomēr, only need to take a screenshot once in a while. And they don’t need all the bells and whistles that come along with a

How To Fix Keyboard Not Working In Browsers

I have a desktop that I rarely turn off. Every few days I probably will turn it off for the night. Restarting or powering down my computer is when all my problems seem to start. Keyboard Not Working This Sunday morning I got up and

How To Clear YouTube Watch History

With the holidays and having some time off recently, I have been watching a lot more YouTube videos– plus, my son has his own channel and has started recording more. As a dad, I need to be supportive and make sure he is being good

Turn On Built-in Ransomware Protection In Windows 10

Several third-party anti-ransomware software are around to help you protect your data from ransomware. Many users are using third-party anti-ransomware protection like Acronis Ransomware Protection free to prevent ransomware from encrypting their data. If you are running version 1709 or greater version of Windows 10,