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How to Install Cinnamon 3.4 Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04

Cinnamon desktop environment has reached the new massive 3.4 release a few days ago. Though there’s no official announcement published on Linux Mint blog at the moment of writing, you can now install it in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04 per PPA. Cinnamon 3.4.0 brings over 160

Install Android Studio 2.3.1 On Ubuntu Linux via PPA

How to install Android Studio 2.3.1 in Ubuntu Linux via PPA. Android Studio is the official IDE for Android, for Linux Ubuntu Systems. Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. It features a world-class code editing, debugging, veiklos…

Įdiegti Linux Ubuntu vielos užšifruotų pranešimų programa

Vielos užšifruotų pranešimų programa Linux Ubuntu. Įdiegti Ubuntu per PPA vielos užšifruotų pranešimų kliento. Viela pranešimų programa orientuota sunkiųjų privatumo. Jis neturi jokių reklamų, profiliavimo ir duomenų rinkimas, nėra bendrai naudojant kontaktus reikia ar ne telefono numerį. Nors elektroniniu paštu registracijos galima Announcing…

HandBrake 1.0.7 Released! Add Ubuntu 17.04 Support in PPA

The open-source video transcoder HandBrake 1.0.7 was released hours ago. It’s official PPA now provides the latest packages for Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty. By releasing version 1.0.4, 1.0.5, ir 1.0.6 within a few hours, the developer finally announced HandBrake 1.0.7 to supersede previous releases. HandBrake 1.0.7 changelog:

Install The Latest Deluge BitTorrent Client On Ubuntu 16.10

How to install the latest Deluge BitTorrent Client on Ubuntu 16.10 ir Ubuntu 16.04 Systems. Install Deluge BitTorrent Client in Ubuntu, using PPA. Deluge is a fully-featured cross-platform BitTorrent client. Deluge contains the common features to BitTorrent clients such as Protocol Encryption, DHT, Local Peer Discovery

How to Install Nvidia 375.39 / 378.13 per PPA Ubuntu

NVIDIA Linux driver 375.39 ir 378.13, the latest long-lived and short-lived branch versions, were both released yesterday. Both drivers add support Quadro GP100, P4000, P2000, P1000, P600. P400, M1200, M2200 GPUs support. NVIDIA 378.13 also supports Quadro P3000. Besides adding new GPUs support, Nvidia 375.39 only

Kodi 17 Released! How to Install in Ubuntu 16.10, 16.04

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, finally reached the new stable 17.0 spaudai. Čia aprašoma, kaip įdiegti Ubuntu per PPA. Kodi 17.0, code-name “Krypton”, brings updated default UI, better organisation of settings, and many under-the-hood changes on Video Player, Music Library, PVR, audio on Android,

How to Install AVRDude 6.3 Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04

For those who want to install the latest AVRDude 6.3 (AVR Downloader / Uploader), here are the backport PPA for Ubunu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17/18, and derivatives. AVRDUDE is a utility to download/upload/manipulate the ROM and EEPROM contents of AVR microcontrollers using the in-system