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Linux FAQ resource and tutorials.Basic Linux tutorials. Contains usual commands,scripts, installations instructions and configuration examples.

Įžūlus 3.9 Išleistas! Kaip įdiegti Ubuntu

Audacious audio player reached 3.9 release a few days ago with many new features, Qt UI enhancements, usability improvements, and various bug-fixes. Įžūlus 3.9 release highlights: New ‘View’ menu and additional options in Settings. Pilnas…

A Linux File Manager Built Using Electron

We’ve written about plenty of Electron apps, from music players to e-mail clients, code editors and chat tools — but the following tool the first Electron file manager we’ve come across! It’s called JumpFM and it’s described as a

Kaip ieškoti "Google" iš komandinės eilutės

Kada nors turėjo ieškoti Google iš komandinės eilutės hankering? Jei taip, Jūs ketinate myliu šią dabitiškas įrankis terminalo. Ji vadinama Google ir, kaip jūs galite atspėti, tikriausiai, tai mažas komandų eilutės įrankis, kuris leidžia jums ieškoti "Google" iš to…

Avidemux Video Editor Reached 2.7.0 Spaudai

The Avidemux video editor has reached the new version series 2.7.0 release earlier today. The official website wrote in the announcement: “On windows, some antivirus do not like recent versions, it is a false positive. There is no