Load Web Links faster with Chromer for Android

Chromer is a free application for Android devices that has been designed to speed up the loading of web links from any application by using Android's Chrome Custom Tabs feature.

Whenever you open a link in a third-party application on your Android device, say a link posted by a friend to WhatsApp, you are either asked what you want to do with it, or it is opened directly in the default system browser.

While that is handy, it is not the fastest option when it comes to opening these links. Apps like Link Bubble have introduced ways in the past to improve the opening of links on Android devices.


Chromer makes use of a feature called Chrome Custom Tabs which basically uses a light weight faster loading version of the Chrome browser that has been designed to display web pages quickly.


So, instead of loading the default web browser, it uses the feature to display the linked web page instead which is faster and less disruptive.

The main reason why it is less disruptive is that it is easier to go back. You can tap on the x-icon after viewing the web page to go back to where you were, and that is usually faster than having to close a web browser to do the same.

Chrome requires that a Custom Tab supporting web browser like Google Chrome 45 or newer is installed on the system as it is a requirement for its functionality.

The benefits that Chromer's implementation offers does not end at faster loading links in third-party apps as it benefits from Chrome-related features such as shared cookies (you may not need to log in anymore if you are already signed in to a site in Chrome), automatic form filling, and Chrome's data saver feature if enabled.

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Chromer uses a similar system as Link Bubble's as it can stack links so that you can open them at a later point in time instead of directly.

The app should open links faster than web browser apps like Google Chrome. There is also a handy option included to open the web page that you are viewing in Chrome Custom Tab view in Google Chrome directly. This can be useful if you want to add the page to your bookmarks, or open additional links in new tabs.

Chromer can be used in two different ways. You may make it the default system browser to open links in third-party applications automatically using it, or you may select it as one of the "open in" options when you are selecting links on your Android device.

The application is compatible with all Android versions 4.1 or higher. Several options are listed in the preferences that enable you to customize the app. There you may enable the prefetching of content, faster starts, link stacking, or configure the preferred action (open in secondary browser or another app).

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