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List of Top 10 Highest Paying Legit PTC Sites to Earn


If you are one and want to earn a little money by clicking ads on “paid to click” sites, then I have brought you a list of top 10 most popular PTC website where rates are the highest among the industry and all these sites are legitimate, so you can trust these sites to generate a few dollars by putting your efforts in clicking ads. Here is the list.


Max Ads Per Day
neobuxUp to $0.02 per click15$2Yes
clicksenseUp to $0.02 per click30$8Yes
buxpUp to $0.01 per click60$8Yes
buxmatrixUp to $0.01 per click10$2Yes
easyhitsUp to 2 credits per clickUnlimited$3Yes
wordlinxUp to $0.02 per click5$10Yes
gladbuxUp to $0.02 per click$2Yes
nerdbuxUp to $0.02 per click$4Yes
goldenclixUp to $0.01 per click$2Yes
clicks4freakzUp to $0.01 per click$2Yes


This was my list of top 10 PTC websites where you can view ads for earning some dollars. I hope you will find these sites the best and highest paying among their industry. If you know about any other good PTC website, don’t forget to share it in comments.