Linux Native Twitter Client ‘Corebird’ Sees a New Release


Corebird, Linux native GTK+3 twitter client, has reached the 1.1 release with lots of enhancments and bug fixes.

Changes in Corebird 1.1 according to the release note:

  • Tweets now get hidden/shown more correctly
  • Corebird now saves an application-wide list of snippets that you can use to insert common phrases or longer unicode emoticons. It can be found in the application settings in the “Snippets” tab.
  • Corebird now supports showing quote tweets in timelines as well as creating quote tweets. This replaces the old “Quote” item for tweets which would simply copy the original tweet’s text.
  • Media links and trailing hashtags can now be hidden via the “Tweets” tab in the application settings.
  • Profiles can now also show followers and followees
  • Twitter removed the 140 char limit on Direct Messages and so did we
  • Lots of other small enhancments and bug fixes

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/corebird sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install corebirdCorebird 1.1 now requires GTK >=3.16. Ubuntu 15.10 user can install the new release from PPA by running below commands one by one in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

For those who don’t want to add PPA, grab the installer package from this page.

  • “corebird_1.1-1~15.10_amd64.deb” for 64-bit OS
  • “corebird_1.1-1~15.10_i386.deb” for 32-bit OS


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