Prevent Installing Extensions In Edge In Windows 10

  It’s been over a year since Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 started supporting extensions. Users can install extensions for Edge from Windows Store. Edge barely has a couple of dozens of extensions compared to thousands available for third-party web browsers. Extensions enhance the functionality

How To Remove Highlights From New Tab In Firefox 57

  파이어 폭스 57 is being rolled out. 파이어 폭스 57 is not just another version with few bug fixes and improvements. Rather Firefox 57 is a whole new Firefox. 파이어 폭스 57 offers faster page loading, responsive tabs, smoother scrolling, and modern interface. 파이어 폭스에서 57, 새로운…

What Is Windows 10 Signature Edition?

  A user recently asked if there is a new edition called Windows 10 Signature and if yes, how different it is from the regular Windows 10 버전. Most PC users are familiar with Windows 10 S, 홈, Professional and Enterprise editions. But what is Windows

Mute Microsoft Edge Tabs With A Click Now

  The inability mute audio playing tab was one of the main missing features of Edge browser. Microsoft partially addressed this issue by adding a way to mute Edge tabs with the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. Windows에서 10 가 크리에이터 업데이트, 우리는 할 수 있어요…

Mailspring Email Client is now available as a Snap app

The Mailspring email client is now available as a Snap application on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. The part-Electron, part C++ mail app works with most major email providers, lets you add multiple accounts, has fast mail searching, and offers some advanced features, like read receipts