Windows에서 Windows 저장소와 다른 드라이브에 큰 애플 리 케이 션 설치 10

Yet another interesting feature is spotted in the upcoming Windows 10 주년 기념 업데이트. The user will be able to pick a different drive to install large apps and save space on the system drive.
The following screenshot demonstrates this useful feature in action: 2_untitled_story

Image credit: Neowin.

The option is available for large apps and games. It is not clear what app size exactly triggers the option to be shown, but smaller apps will continue to use the default location which is set in Settings. It is possible that it depends on the free space you have on the device which is used to determine the app's default location.

This is definitely an improvement for users who use Store apps actively. It is a nice addition to the option which allows to choose the default installation location of Store apps in Settings. See this article for further reference: Move apps to another drive or partition in Windows 10.

This new feature is known to be working in build 14366 그리고 14361.

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