How to Get the Best Price on iPhone X, 아이폰 8

How Much Will Your New iPhone Cost?

Pre-orders for 아이폰 8 have begun; the iPhone X will follow in October. How can you get the best deal on these new iPhones, if you want one?

Let's start by looking at the base prices. The 64GB iPhone 8 비용 $699, with the 256GB model costing $849. 아이폰 8 Plus costs $100 more all around. The iPhone X costs $300 더 많은, 그래서 $999 그리고 $1,149.

지금까지, 버라이존, AT&T, 스 프린트, T-모바일, 미국. Cellular, and Xfinity Mobile have all said they'll carry the new phones. You will also be able to get phones at Apple Stores, and at Best Buy, Walmart, and other major retailers. 아이폰 8 그리고 8 Plus will be widely and easily available, but expect the iPhone X to become quickly backordered.

Wait for Retail for Upfront Deals

과거에, Walmart, 베스트 바이, and their ilk have offered some great deals on iPhones. 일반적으로, they'll sell them to you at the same base price as Apple does, but throw in a $100 또는 $150 gift card with your purchase. I'd be shocked if they don't do that again, but they may be required to wait until the carriers have had their chance at early buyers. That makes waiting a good bet.

Sam's Club is offering a $100 gift card if you activate an iPhone 8 또는 8 Plus on an installment plan with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, or a 2-year contract with U.S. Cellular. There's also a small discount on extended warranties.

대상 is offering various deals for its RedCard owners: $120 in gift cards over 24 개월, 는 $200 trade-in value on an iPhone 6, 그리고 10 percent off a phone case.

But I Need it Now!

All four nationwide carriers have announced deals on the new iPhones.

If you buy an iPhone on AT&T 다음, get a 32GB iPad for $99.99 on a two-year wireless agreement when you add eligible service on both. We really like the new iPad, so that's not a bad deal if were eyeing a new tablet. Just be aware that you're then locked into LTE service with that iPad, so it only makes sense if you'll be using it alot outside your house, where Wi-Fi isn't an option.

AT&T is also offering a buy-one, get-one-free deal on the 32GB iPhone 7 바로 지금, which is pretty great.

iPhone 8

스 프린트
Sprint will now give a 'free' iPhone 8 to monthly leasing customers who trade in an iPhone 7, 아이폰 7 플러스, GS8, GS8 Plus, or Note 8. It will give 50% off the monthly lease if you trade in an iPhone 6 그리고 6 플러스, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, GS7, GS7 Edge, G6, 참고 5, V20, Moto Z2 Force, 픽셀, 픽셀 XL, Moto Z Droid, Z Play, Z Force Droid, or Z2 Play.

If you're a Verizon customer, buy a Verizon iPhone 8 from Verizon or Apple, bring it to Sprint and get a free year of service.

The carrier will also beat any other carrier's monthly installment plan price on an iPhone 8.

Remember that the whole leasing deal means you're essentially renting your phone from Sprint, and that you can't sell it yourself without paying off the lease at the full retail price.

For a limited time, customers who trade in their iPhone 6 or newer in good condition and want to pick up iPhone 8, 8 플러스, or X on an equipment installment plan will get up to $300 off via 24 monthly bill credits, according to T-Mobile.

Once more, the carrier is trying to make sure you're on the hook for 24 months here. The credit is actually $12.50/month, so if you decide to pay off the installment plan after, 말, 12 개월, you really only get $150 in credit. 여전히, better than nothing.

The company is also offering a discounted upgrade program where if you buy an iPhone 8, 8 플러스, or X now on a 24-month payment plan, you'll be able to get next year's phone by handing back the current one after 12 개월. This is similar to T-Mobile's $10/month Jump! program, but it's free.


Verizon is also going with trade-in deals. You'll need to be on a Verizon Unlimited plan and agree to pay for your phone with a 24-month payment plan. Depending on which phone you turn in - 그리고 네, they have to be all pretty high-end phones - you'll get either $100, $200 또는 $300 에서 trade-in value. Motorola, HTC, 픽셀, LG 전자, Samsung and Apple phones are all eligible.

Xfinity Mobile and U.S. Cellular have no special deals right now.

How About Apple's Upgrade Program?

Apple offers its own iPhone upgrade program, which lets you switch up to a new iPhone every year, in exchange for paying extra per month and agreeing to take AppleCare+ warranty coverage—which will cost $199 for iPhone X versus $129 아이폰에 대 한 8.

Apple's upgrade program is more expensive than Verizon's upgrade program, Sprint's deal, T-Mobile's current upgrade promotion, or AT&T's Next Every Year.

예를 들어, a base iPhone 8 on most carriers is $29.13/month, while Sprint's half-off deal could be as low as $14.59. Apple charges $34.50/month. 그러나, Apple's upgrade program gives you the freedom to switch carriers later, including to a low-cost virtual carrier, 원한다면. That could save you big money over the long term.

Is iPhone X Too Expensive?

In case you haven't heard, the iPhone X is $1,000+. That's not cheap, but here in the US, it'll mostly be sold on two-year contracts, which will just kick it up by $10 per month or so over the iPhone 8 플러스. For most people eyeing a pricey smartphone, that probably won't break the bank, 그리고 here's some from Gottabemobile on how to bring down the price even more.

If you're not sold on Face ID and the demise of the Home button, 하지만, nab an iPhone 8. 물론, the smaller iPhone SE can be had starting at $349, while iPhone 6s starts at $449.

Want Updated Deals?

This story is accurate as of Sept. 21, but I suspect deals will change fast. appears to be tracking carrier deals, so check with them, especially if you're reading this later in September or October.


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