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The default Nautilus file browser lacks ‘New Document’ option in its context menu (right-click menu) in my fresh installed Ubuntu 17.04 Unity Desktop.

When you right-click on blank area in Nautilus or Ubuntu Desktop, you’ll find there miss the ‘New Document’ option in the pop up menu.

It’s easy to re-enable the option in Nautilus context menu. As it prompts in Templates folder, simply create an empty document in Templates, the file name will be displayed as sub-menu option of ‘New Document’ menu.

While you can’t create a file via the context menu, do it via touch 명령:

1. Open terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T or searching for “Terminal” from start menu. 열릴 때, 명령을 실행 합니다.

touch ~/Templates/Untitled Document

This command creates an empty file called ‘Untitled Document‘ in the Templates folder.

Tip: the backslash in the code tells that the space following it is part of the filename since the shell treats whatever comes after a space as a separate argument.

2. Now right-click on your desktop or blank area in Nautilus browser, the pop up context menu will look like:



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