Update To Linux Kernel 4.11 RC1 On Ubuntu

Linux カーネル 4.11 RC1 has been released. Install and update the Linux Kernel 4.11 RC1 on Ubuntu Systems. Announcing the release, Linus wrote: “So two weeks have passed, the merge window is over, and 4.11-rc1 has been tagged and pushed out. This looks like a fairly

Top free forum sites for fast back link (Updated)

Forum posting sitesis a site that permits you to communicate with other people by posting comments. Most forums forum posting sites allow visitors to posting their opinion to the forum. If you want to post messages in the forum you need to create an account. 、…

Linux カーネル 4.9.10 Released – Update Linux Kernel On Ubuntu

Linux カーネル 4.9.10 リリース. すべてのユーザー、 4.9 系列のカーネルにアップグレードする必要があります。. カーネルをインストールします。 4.9.10 Ubuntu システムで. Linux カーネル 4.9.10 brings a total of 72 ファイル, 463 insertions and 290 deletions that makes it a major release. Announcing the release, Greg Kroah-Hartman said “I’m

Update To Linux Kernel 4.10 rc7 On Ubuntu

Update to Linux Kernel 4.10 rc7 on Ubuntu Systems. Linux カーネル 4.10 rc7 is released with driver fixes and improvements related to networking, GPU and HID accounts. Announcing the release, Linus said: Anyway, rc7 is pretty small, with about half being driver fixes (networking, GPU and

How To Install Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 On Ubuntu Systems

Update to Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2. Terminal commands to install Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 on Ubuntu 16.10 Ubuntu 16.04 システム. Linux Kernel 4.10-rc2 fixes build failure, vlan handling and add support for RTL8168 series add-on card. It also brings various fixes for architecture and networking issues. Announcing

How To Set Up Apache with HTTP/2 Support on Ubuntu 16.04

HTTP/2 is the first major HTTP protocol update since 1997. The main goal of HTTP/2 is to decrease latency, reduce total number of TCP connections thus improve page load speed in web browsers. HTTP/2 is backwards-compatible with HTTP/1.1, all application semantics of HTTP are the same,

Rate Limiting with nginx

  This article explains how to use the nginx HttpLimitReqModule to limit the number of requests for a given session. This is useful, 例えば, if your site is hammered by a bot doing multiple requests per second and thus increasing your server load. と、…

How to cache static files on nginx

  This tutorial explains how you can configure nginx to set the Expires HTTP header and the max-age directive of the Cache-Control HTTP header of static files (such as images, CSS and Javascript files) to a date in the future so that these files will be