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Facebook でプライド フラグ反応を取得する方法

プライド月間中に Facebook にいくつかの愛を共有する!IMore のみんなを愛しています。, まぁ, 愛. 我々 はまた、Facebook アカウントを持っている!プライド月間を祝っている、Facebook のアカウントがある場合, 追加することができますアカウント調整のほとんどを見てきました, 一時的なプロファイルのバナーのような. 場合します。…

Latest Nearby Friends feature on Facebook

Nearby Friends feature on Facebook allows you to find your friend location when they are nearby. You can easily use Nearby Friends feature on Facebook at your smartphone.You can easily track your all Facebook friends real time location at your Smartphone. You can also quickly meet

Facebook Launches Facebook 360 App For VR Content

Facebook has dabbled in virtual reality technology in the past for its users and they’ll soon have an easier way to find VR content. Facebook announced Wednesday the launch of Facebook 360, an app that’ll exclusively highlight VR content from other Facebook pages and users. 、…

Introducing Social Media Video Automation

We’re thrilled to announce one of our most requested features – video automation. dlvr.it now supports automatic posting of videos to your social media profiles and pages. Tap into dlvr.it to effortlessly share videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Upload your videos to

How To Identify Clickbait On Facebook [Chrome]

You’ll never believe what this Chrome extension does. It can identify clickbait on Facebook and save you from reading through a long, ad-laced list of outdated and/old/incorrect information. The extension is called This is Clickbait and it’s available in the Chrome Web Store. It does two

Facebook Begins Testing Ads in Messenger App

Facebook today announced that it has begun testing ads in the Messenger app. The test will be limited to users in Australia and Thailand and will allow businesses to place ads on the Messenger home screen below favorite users and most recent conversations. The company says