Microsoft could be saying “good bye” to product keys with Windows 10

Microsoft is offering Windows 10 for free to Windows 7 窓 8.1 ユーザー. The company is also offering the operating system for free to Windows Insiders who have installed the Windows 10 テクニカル プレビュー. 今, as it seems like, Microsoft could be working on simplifying Windows Activation for users and saying “good bye” to product keys.

On the Store (Beta) app on Windows 10 ビルド 10147, there’s two new apps called Windows 10 Core and Windows 10 プロ. There isn’t much info about the apps on the listings, しかし, as it seems like, the apps will allow users to activate their copy of Windows 10 簡単に.


The apps could be Microsoft steps towards killing the product key for Windows Activation. These apps could allow users to easily update or activate Windows 10 from the Store, without even having to use a long (read: annoying) product key. The apps would also tie the Windows license to users’ Microsoft Account – making it easier for them to get an activated Windows copy in the future. Keep in mind that this is just a speculation. しかし, there’s a very good chance of Microsoft making Windows Activation easier by providing licences via app purchases.

Things like product keys are getting older every year, and it’s undoubtedly the time to say “good bye” to product keys and say “hello” to the future.

あなたが見つけることができる、 Windows 10 Core app here そして Windows 10 Pro app here on Store Beta (on Windows 10 ビルド 10147 or later only).