iPhone Xユーザーは、表示上の形成グリーンラインについて訴えている - OLEDスクリーンの問題を

iPhone X Users Are Complaining About Green Line Forming on Display

あなただけの砲撃後にそれをすることを嫌いしないでください $999 iPhone X上, それは、すでにいくつかの問題を発散するために開始しますか?これらの所有者は、おそらく激怒しています, 緑色の線は、一部のユーザーのために登場し始めているように. Words cannot describe what they must be going through right now.

Vertical Green Line Appears on an iPhone X Display – More Than 20 Phone Owners Have Been Afflicted by This Issue

It should be noted that the majority of the times, hard resetting an iPhone or power cycling it can resolve the problem. しかし, this green line appears to be a hardware problem for the iPhone X as even performing the aforementioned tasks didn’t help in addressing this conundrum.

MacRumors によると, 以上 20 iPhone X owners have started to report on the issue, and so far Apple has declined to comment on what has happened. It should also be noted that this green line did not appear on any specific storage or color model. The problem has started to show up on a variety of iPhone X versions, so it is worth noting that this could more than likely be a hardware problem.

Since an iPhone X features an OLED screen, problems like this are sure to sprout. Remember when the Galaxy S7 started suffering from a similar issue? The previous-gen flagship had a vertical pink link that started appearing on the phone’s display, prompting Samsung to address this setback by offering customers replacement units.

In the same scenario, it is highly recommended that you take your affected unit down to an Apple retail store where the company’s customer care representatives can better help you out with the problem.

今のところ, we’ll wait for Apple to address what has happened if the news ever reaches their ears. Has your iPhone X ever encountered this issue? Let us know down in the comments.

ポスト iPhone Xユーザーは、表示上の形成グリーンラインについて訴えている - OLEDスクリーンの問題を 最初の登場 Wccftech.