Month: 1 月 2016

Windows でネットワーク ドライブをマップする方法

Mapping a drive in Windows is one of those essential skills everyone should know how to perform. かどうかあなたが自宅やオフィスで, ドライブをマップする多くの役に立つ理由します。. それが聞こえるかもしれませんが複雑な, それは実際に本当に簡単ですが、. ドライブのマッピング…

Google Testing New Google Fiber Phone Service

Google is looking to add a new phone service for its Google Fiber users. And if you've been following anything Google has been doing over the past few years, how Google Fiber Phone works shouldn't come as much of a surprise. With it, Google Fiber subscribers

Windows の個人データを無効にする Cortana および削除する方法 10

Microsoft のデジタル アシスタント Cortana は同社の最新のオペレーティング システム Windows のクールな新機能です。 10. それはファイルの検索などのタスクの数を行うことを助けることができます。, お使いの PC の事を見つける, あなたのカレンダーを管理します。, でもジョークを言うと. The more it knows

Windows で重大なエラーを修正する方法 10?

Windows にアップグレードすることを決めた 10, 持って来られるこの新しいオペレーティング システムを満たすため. それにもかかわらず, その割り込みも不便なエラーが多いあなたの仕事. 重大なエラーは、典型的な問題の一つです。. このエラーをキャッチします。, you can do nothing but

Enterprises eye a fast switch to Windows 10

Enterprise interest in Windows 10, getting onto it and off Windows 7, is at an unprecedented level, research firm Gartner said today. Although in virtually all cases tha interest has not yet translated into actual deployments, it signals a faster move to the new OS than

E-Mail History Browser for Windows

E-Mail History Browser is a third-party standalone program for the Windows operating system that enables you to browse email archives independent of installed clients on the machine. The program has not been designed to read emails but to display a thorough account of the email communication

cPro is a third-party mobile client for Craigslist

The app cPro is a third-party client for the popular online service Craigslist. Craigslist itself makes available a mobile version of its site but no official application for Android that users can turn to. What sets cPro apart from other applications of its kind is its

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta is out

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is a new product by security firm Malwarebytes designed to protect Windows systems against so-called ransomware attacks that has been released as a beta version to the public two days ago. Malwarebytes continues to expand its portfolio. After releasing Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit some time ago