Month: 1 月 2015

Blogger のブログに静的なページを作成する方法

ブロガーはいくつかのハンサムな機能を提供する 1 つの高度なプラットフォーム、我々 は既にそれについての記事の数を公開されて今今日我々 はブロガーの静的なページについて何かを議論しています。. You know that pages are very important for every blog or website

SSH キー管理 privacyIDEA

In this tutorial I will show, how you can manage your SSH keys for all your servers and different user accounts. これは重要です。, if you have more than one SSH key and it is even more important, if you a responsible for many different users

Bacula は何ですか。

Bacula is an open source backup solution. It’s known to be robust enough but yet relatively easy-to-configure. As it is open source, software license costs are nullified. Also a proof to its stability, it’s RPMs and DEBs are to be found in software repositories of the

mysqldump はデータベースを除外します。

mysqldump doesn’t offer an option to exclude a database from the dump, 似たような –ignore-table for tablesBash to the rescue! This short shell script lets you exclude a list of databases #!/bin/bash DATABASES_TO_EXCLUDE=EXCLUDEDB1 EXCLUDEDB2EXCLUSION_LIST=‘information_schema’,’mysql'for DB in `echo “$ {DATABASES_TO_EXCLUDE}` do EXCLUSION_LIST=”$ {EXCLUSION_LIST},’$ {DB}'” 完成です…