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24 Le migliori Temi WordPress per esperti SEO

Sei alla ricerca di migliori temi WordPress per gli esperti SEO? Come un esperto di SEO, si consiglia di scegliere un tema che mette in mostra i vostri SEO e di marketing abilità mentre ti aiuta a convertire i visitatori in clienti. In questo articolo, abbiamo raccolte a mano alcuni dei migliori…

Come eliminare le revisioni in WordPress

Copio regolarmente miei siti WordPress dal vivo al mio server locale. Non solo è un backup extra, ma mi permette di sviluppare localmente con contenuti aggiornati. Ultimamente sono stato sempre infastidito come gonfio sembrano avere i database di WordPress. A…

Come installare WordPress su Plesk

I use Media Temple VPS for all my hosting. By default they come with PLESK to manage the server (although you can choose cPanel). Plesk comes with a 1-click installer (under Applications), and you can use this to install WordPress. However I’ve run into problems before

WordPress: Action Hooks vs. Filter Hooks

In WordPress, hooks are the building blocks for your themes and plugins and are vital for their functionality. Fondamentalmente, their purpose is to allow developers to make their own custom code (and custom functionalities) to themes or plugins without changing any of the original WordPress files.

Come creare un sito WordPress multilingue con WPML

Do you want to make your website available in multiple languages? By default, WordPress does not come with features required to create a proper multilingual site. That’s why in this tutorial, we will show you how to create a multilingual WordPress site with the popular WPML

14 Migliori temi WordPress Magazine di 2016

If you have a content rich website and you’re looking for a new theme, then you probably want a WordPress magazine theme. It gives you freedom to break the typical layout and showcase more of your articles, video, and images. There are hundreds perhaps thousands of

Come creare tabelle reattive in WordPress

Use WordPress? Do you have tables in your posts? These can be tricky to edit as well as display properly on a mobile display. I’ve already rounded up a bunch of possible solutions, ma qui ho intenzione di abbattere ulteriormente, and outline what I’ve

Use PHP in WordPress text widget

Ever wondered how to get php code working in the WordPress text widget? There are some plugins out there wich enable this simple functionality, but why using a plugin if it’s so easy to implement by yourself! You just have to insert the following code to