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Slayer Shock review

David Pittman knows how to make a good hub. The arcane library at the heart of his game Eldritch is one of my favourite examples ever: a wonderful ramble of books and wood panelling and off-kilter geometry that continues to reward exploration. Now Slayer Shock is

Review: Civilization VI is a beautiful prance through history

Enlarge / The 3D art tilts toward the cartoon-ish side.This time it’s not just Civilization’s version of history that’s virtually spotless and free of pesky complications. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a nearly spotless game—freer of the menu-diving, micromanagement, and spreadsheet reading than just about any

ASUS Transformer 3 Recensione Pro: In profondità

The Good Impressive performance Sharp, colourful screen Keyboard cover Expandable graphics The Bad Pricey Short battery life Asus Transformer 3 Pro review: The latest Transformer tablet from Asus is a serious Surface Pro and iPad Pro rival, offering a smooth Windows 10 esperienza, support for dedicated

Ghiaia 2 Recensione: In profondità

The Good Great battery life Water resistant Feature packed Easy to use The Bad Thick bezels Lacks style No GPS Pebble 2 review: Pebble made a name for itself after smashing records on crowd-funding site Kickstarter with its first wearable back in 2013 – now three

Zotac ZBOX CI523 nano Fanless Skylake-U mini-PC Review

Passively cooled computing systems are popular amongst consumers worried about noise from fans and their associated maintenance requirements (particularly, for industrial use-cases). Tradizionalmente, fanless high-performance PCs have come with a high price tag. Tuttavia, with the focus on low-power Core-series CPUs by Intel, we have many

Review: SilverStone Redline Series RL05

I'm known to appreciate a good bargain, so when the £50 SilverStone Redline Series RL05 arrived at my door, I was naturally keen to see what a low-cost chassis would have to offer for today's PC builders. It's fair to say I've come away impressed, come…

MrMobile reviews the Apple Watch Series 2

This has been a year of comfortable predictability for Apple: the new iPhone 7 e 7 Plus were just what most of us expected from the company, and the revised Apple Watch doesn't pack many surprises either. But that's not a dig at Apple; rather, it's

Recensione: NZXT S340 Elite

NZXT's Source 340 (S340) ha colpito un sacco di destra note quando è arrivato sulla scena indietro nel 2014, and it's clear to see why. For less than £65 the chassis offers a lot of what's good about the pricier H440, making it a favoured

Forza Horizon 3 recensione

The Fiat Dino coupé was produced for a few years in the late 1960s and early 70s. It wasn't particularly fast, didn't star in any cool movies, and didn't have a motorsport career. Classic car enthusiasts remember it now for its crisp and elegant Bertone body,

XCOM 2 recensione

XCOM 2 is released on console this week. Here's our review of the PC version, first published on 1st February 2016. In XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I discovered a tell. Very occasionally, when you go to take a shot with one of your soldiers, you're treated to