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Orologio di Huawei 2 Recensione: In profondità

The Good Sensor packed Water resistant Android Wear 2.0 Design choices The Bad Cheap strap on standard model Occasional pause or stutter Huawei Watch 2 Recensione: Abbiamo abbiamo indossato l'orologio di Huawei 2, uno del primo Android Wear 2.0 SmartWatch, for well over a week

Migliori cellulari Huawei in 2017

Ecco i migliori Huawei telefoni cellulari che si possono acquistare in 2017. Dai dispositivi di bilancio come l'Onore 8 e Huawei P8 Lite 2017 fino ai più grandi telefoni premium di punta come il P10, imballaggio telecamere best-in-class e specifiche impressionanti, these are our favourite Huawei

Jelly smartphone review: So tiny

The company that built Jelly doesn't claim it's the smallest smartphone in the world. (That honor might instead belong to its predecessor, the Posh Micro X.) Rather, Jelly is touted as the world's smallest smartphone that also includes 4G. Toss in Android 7.0, dual SIMs, un…

Huawei P10 Plus Review: In Depth

The Good Feature-dense camera Smooth performance Fast charge The Bad No HDR Not waterproof We review the Huawei P10 Plus, a super-sized version of Huawei’s P10 flagship phone boasting more premium specs. Here’s what we think of the P10 Plus after using it as our full-time

Recensione: HP Pavilion Wave (600-a055na)

Meet the Modern PC I had to visit a nearby Currys megastore a few weeks back and while browsing the broad selection of computers, Sono rimasto colpito dalla consapevolezza che i sistemi nell'area di Windows erano, a mio parere, aesthetically more pleasing than the

Nokia 3310 (2017) hands-on review

Nokia 3310 (2017) hands-on review: The original Nokia 3310 has amassed near-mythical status over the 17 years since its initial release and now Nokia has revived the design with a new S30-based colour feature phone that even has a camera. If you haven’t heard, Nokia’s mobile

Recensione: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X (14nm Zen)

Introducing Zen March 2, 2017, is an important day for the PC industry. It marks the re-emergence of AMD as a manufacturer of high-performance CPUs. This renaissance is down to a processor that you have heard much about during febrile rumours and activity in the preceding

Sniper Elite 4 recensione

Whether rightly or wrongly, Rebellion - one of the UK's longest standing indies, something the Oxford-based studio is understandably proud of - has a bit of a patchy reputation. Perhaps it's the frayed edges found in work-for-hire such as the brilliantly conceived but poorly executed NeverDead

Recensione: BenQ EX3200R

BenQ è in costante aumento dell'impronta nello spazio gioco-monitor negli ultimi anni. Parte di questa strategia è stato l'acquisto di Zowie - gli specialisti di eSports - e spingendo in Monitor di fascia alta con tecnologia di display e adattivo-framerate 4K come FreeSync e G-Sync. In the productivity