Mese: Ottobre 2017

iPhone X Case Prices And Where To Buy

The iPhone X may be sold out and delayed until the end of the year, but consumers should still be able to get cases for the device, regardless of whether they’ve pre-ordered. There are a number of brands offering iPhone X protective cases in different styles

MACOM Sells AppliedMicro’s X-Gene CPU Business

MACOM last week announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell the microprocessor-related assets it bought from AppliedMicro to Project Denver Holdings, a new company backed by The Carlyle Group asset management company. MACOM closed the acquisition of AppliedMicro early in 2017. Back then,

Is it Worth Buying AppleCare+ for iPhone X?

Is it Worth Buying AppleCare+ for iPhone X? After spending at least a thousand dollars on a brand new iPhone X, you may be debating whether it's really worth it to spend an additional few hundred dollars on an AppleCare+ plan to insure your shiny new

Leggero Linux distribuzione antiX-17 Released!

One of the best lightweight Linux distributions, antiX has just released its latest version, antiX-17, nome in codice "Heather Heyer". La nuova release è basata su Debian 9.2. Like Devuan Linux, antiX è una delle distribuzioni Linux systemd-libero. AntiX-17 supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processors which is

Revamped Skype Desktop App Released

A brand-new version of the Skype desktop app is now available The new Skype for desktop client is rolling out from today across macOS, Linux and (some versions of) Windows. ‘Beyond the gaudy colours and large typography there are useful new features in this update’ If

Complete Guide for Using AsciiDoc in Linux

Brief: This detailed guide discusses the advantages of using AsciiDoc and shows you how to install and use AsciiDoc in Linux. Over the years I used many different tools to write articles, reports or documentation. I think all started for me with Luc Barthelet’s Epistole on