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Pin Google, Youtube, And Gmail To Windows 10 Taskbar

  Google search, Youtube, and Gmail are three of the most visited websites on earth. Billions of PC and mobile users visit these websites every day, and many people spend hours on these websites. If you also visit these websites multiple times in a day on

Install YouTube-DL GUI in Ubuntu

Install YouTube-DL GUI in Ubuntu. YouTube-DL is a front-end GUI for youtube-dl to download videos from youtube.com or other video platforms. Youtube-dl-gui uses youtube-dl in the backend to download files. Youtube-dl provides a list of extractors to work with each particular site. youtube-dl is a command-line

YouTube Messenger: How To Chat, Share Videos In The App

YouTube has announced that it is now rolling out its in-app direct messaging feature worldwide. This allows users to share videos and chat without leaving the YouTube app for Android and iOS devices. Before this update was rolled out, users would have to send YouTube videos

Install Minitube YouTube Desktop Client For Ubuntu Linux

Install Minitube YouTube desktop client for Ubuntu 16.04. Minitube YouTube app is a YouTube viewer (online) for Ubuntu Linux Systems. It can be used to watch YouTube on Linux Ubuntu Systems, without using the web browser. Using Minitube YouTube app, Ubuntu users can watch YouTube videos

Make Cortana Display YouTube Music Video Lyrics in Edge

The latest version of Windows 10 (Anniversary Edition) has several new features with Cortana. One of which is the ability display music lyrics in YouTube in Microsoft Edge. Here’s how to set up. Make Cortana Display Lyrics in YouTube Launch YouTube and find the video you