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Tip: Find Your Phone with Google Home

Like other mobile platforms, Android provides a service that can be used to help you find a lost or stolen smartphone or tablet. But now you can do so even more easily and naturally. If you have a Google Home smart speaker, that is. Þú getur…

Using Google Analytics fyrir Ecommerce SEO

Google and other search engines have made it challenging to identify the keywords that drive organic traffic to websites. Jill Kocher’s article, “Understanding Google’s Keyword ‘Not Provided’ Data,” provides a history and solutions for dealing with the lack of organic search keywords. Í þessari grein, ég…

SEO: Undirbúningur fyrir Mobile-fyrsta Index Google

Google is switching to a mobile-first index in 2018, wherein rankings for desktop and mobile devices will be based on a site’s mobile experience. Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” will identify if a site is mobile optimized and can, also, suggest performance improvements. Most searches on Google are

Google kynnir hágæða Pixelbook

Google has announced what looks to be a direct competitor to the Microsoft Surface family: the Google Pixelbook. Touted as a high-performance, two-in-one Chromebook, the Pixelbook is Google’s thinnest laptop thus far, measuring just 10.3mm thick, and it weighs in at a mere 1.1kg. Materials are

Google is building a tabletop smart screen, says report

According to a new report, Google is building a tabletop Smart Home device, with a built-in screen for video calling and more. TechCrunch says that multiple sources have tipped it off about Google’s upcoming competitor to the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot devices. Google’s current

25 Felast í Google Photos

You’re not at a loss for services that automatically back up photos and provide access to them on any device. There’s Flickr, Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud, just to start. But Google Photos has grown pretty fast, topping 500 million active users per month after two years