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Apple CarPlay Support Comes to BBC iPlayer Radio App

The BBC today updated its Radio iPlayer app to support Apple CarPlay, allowing vehicle drivers with the feature to listen to BBC radio more safely when behind the wheel. A simplified touch interface has been adopted for the new in-car version, designed to be easy to

Absolute Best Apple Watch Series 3 Bands

What are the best bands for Apple Watch Series 3? Take a look! Choosing which bands you want to accompany your Apple Watch on your wrist can be slightly difficult. With new styles every season and thousands of third-party band sellers in the space, you have

How to use AirPlay with Apple Watch in watchOS 4

You can AirPlay your favorite audio from your Apple Watch; here’s how! AirPlay is a fantastic way to play music or videos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to something like your Apple TV or a pair of speakers. While your Apple Watch may not be

Beware of sketchy iOS popups that want your Apple ID

One of iOSrougher edges are the popups it produces on a regular but seemingly random basis. These popups require users to enter their Apple ID before they can install or update an app or complete some other mundane task. The prompts have grown so common