Leo Privacy Guard 3.9 Review – Best Privacy App for Android

Leo Privacy Guard 3.9 Review – Best Privacy App for Android

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system based on which a large number of smartphones are running. The simplicity of usage and easy user interface of Android has not only made it easily accessible by common users but also, it has made it easier for prying eyes to enter into your privacy and steal your important private data or information.You can’t deny by the fact that the modern lives revolve somewhat around digital products, and smartphones are one of the most important digital asset where the most of your private as well as important data reside. That is the reason why you need to be concerned about the privacy of your Android phone.

What is Leo Privacy Guard ?

Leo Privacy Guard is an Android app that’s designed to keep whichever apps, or content like your SMS messages, you want safe from the prying eyes of others. Whether or not this is a roommate you share with, a paranoid partner or just kids you want to keep on the games, LEO Privacy Guard will do it all and more. You can either lock apps beyond a PIN or a passcode and users won’t notice anything different until they actually go ahead and try to launch one of these apps, giving you the peace of mind you’re after. With different modes for home or whatever, and the ability to create your own, LEO Privacy Guard has a lot on offer. More than just a way to lock apps, there are fun covers for the app lock itself as well as a speed boost to keep your phone running smoothly as well.
so, now we’ve thought of reviewing the most popular app dedicated to privacy and security for Android users, i.e – LEO Privacy Guard.

★ Package Size

This is the best I’ve seen so far. Leo Privacy Guard is very compact in size 3.9 MB . Well, it’s the lightest privacy/security app for Android we’ve ever reviewed. It’s not just the package size that’s worth appreciating, but the app comes with a variety of features which makes it even more interesting.
After installing the app, it took around 11 MB of total space.

★ Performance

The app consumes around 35 MB of RAM. It’s resource-friendly considering the number of features it supports. Overall, no crashes/bugs were observed during our review.

Features of Leo Privacy Guard

Leo Privacy Guard is no doubt, one of the best privacy app for Android as it has some really great features that protect your private data available in your smartphone from prying eyes including intruders. It provides you with a safeguard for your personal files and folders as well as boosts the performance of your phone. And the most important thing is that LEOMASTER (developers of Leo Privacy Guard App for Android) is not going to charge you a single penny for any service related to that. So let’s talk about the features of Leo Privacy Guard.
★ Brand New home page

– Improved UI for better user experience.
– Lock your favorite apps with a single click.
– Hide your personal image and video galleries any time.


★ AppLock : No one can find out your secrets!
– Android 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 is supported
– Lock up your Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy.
– Secure password protection to lock your favorite apps.
– Use pattern or digital password for locking/unlocking apps.
– Customize your lock mode, lock different apps under different circumstances.
– Prevent children from playing games or buying unwanted things.


★Hide Images: Protect your personal photos
Easily hide pictures from your main gallery.
Keep snoopers away from private photos.
Enjoy a private photo gallery that only you can view.


★Hide Videos: Protect private memories easily.
Don’t worry about your private media in your mobile phones now.
Protect your secret videos from prying eyes and nosy friends


★ Harassment Intercept: Detect and block harass calls
– Avoid spam, unwanted calls and put them into your blacklist.
– Share them with friends & family with one click.


★ Anti-theft: Lost and Found
– Remotely control lost phone with a message.
– Lock all your apps with our advanced AppLock function to protect your privacy.
– Locate your phone on map, give an alarm helps you to find it.
★ Break-in Alert: Intruder Selfie

– Take photo of someone who enter wrong password
– Snap the snooper who tried to unlock your apps
★ Boost: Speed up your Phone

– Boost the speed of your Android phone, clear junk and cache.
-Kill off buggy apps that slow down your device and steal memory.
★ Brief Description

★ Privacy Analytics

Privacy analytics is the most important feature of Leo Privacy Guard. Basically, the app is designed for the concern of privacy. Leo Privacy Guard is smartly designed for providing you the real time privacy status of your phone. It show your privacy analytics in home page and notifies you about how many apps, Photos & Videos need to protect.

★ App Lock & App Management

Are you concerned about your personal chats and other private data? You must be willing to keep such sensitive data and information private from others. Then app lock feature of Leo Privacy Guard is definitely going to help you. Lock all your important apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike and all other such types of apps. Thus helping you to keep others far away from your data and hence, decreasing the chance of your privacy leakages.

The App Lock feature has three different options for app locking :

  • Modes – It has a smart locking feature that gives you a customisation of app locking like guest mode, home mode etc. Meaning that you may lock your apps depending upon its importance as well as the possibility of privacy leakage at a particular place. The time lock and position lock feature of Leo Privacy Guard help you to enable different mode with time and location.
  • App Cover – Another cool feature of app lock in Leo Privacy Guard is the availability of different app covers. The various app covers like beauty cover, error, the unknown caller, and fingerprint etc. allows you to prank others with the different type of app covers.
  • Theme – The availability of various themes allows you to customise your app lock theme. You may either use the default theme or you may get a theme of your choice from various online themes available.

The App Management section lets you uninstall unwanted apps that will boost your phone performance. You may also backup your apps for offline installation and sharing.

★ Safe Box

Safe is a secure box where you can hide all your most private images, videos, and other sensitive files. So even if you have lots of private and sensitive files in your smartphone, you don’t need to worry about the risk of revealing private files while your mates or parents are using your phone. You may also hide some call logs and SMS that you want to keep safe or hidden.

★ Anti-Theft

Anti-Theft gives you remote access to your lost phone as you may remotely access your lost phone (although, not completely). According to LeoMaster team, the anti-theft feature is based on SMS recognition to work. If you forgot your phone somewhere, then you can ring your phone by sending a message.
Did someone steal your phone ? No problem! This advanced feature of Leo Privacy Guard helps you in locating your phone on the map. Anti-Theft helps you to remotely lock your apps for privacy concern. You can also track your phone as well as format the phone if ever you are in a situation when you think there are chances of your privacy leakages.

As I already said that it works with SMS services means you don’t have to login special website. You only have to add any number as backup number (preferably your family member’s number), so that you may have access to that number even if your phone is lost or stolen. Later, this would be beneficial in helping you remotely manage your stolen phone. It also notifies you every time you change the SIM card in your phone – which is effective feature in case your phone gets stolen and someone tries to change the SIM card in your device.
★ Privacy Protect
Privacy Protect includes mainly two features which are quite amazing as far as privacy is concerned. Break-in alert captures photos of the intruder who attempts to access your data but enters the wrong password. While Private contact helps in encrypting your call logs and SMS.
LEO Privacy Guard is an app that can help to keep everything of yours nice and safe from prying eyes. This isn’t about having anything to hide, but more about being able to make sure the kids don’t end up sending emails to folks at the office, purchase pricey games or to make sure your partner doesn’t snoop and ruin a potential surprise or something much worse. That’s only one part of the equation here, and while that’s a big part of it, there’s more to it. LEO Privacy Guard can also be used to keep your text messages and images away from prying eyes as well. The app manager side of things is handy, but it seems a little disjointed here, after all this is not what most people would be downloading LEO for. Instead, people will be happy to see the fun lock themes and the overall attention to detail, too. This is the best privacy guard an Android user can opt for . It is compact, clean and packed with lots of useful features. You don’t need separate apps to protect your apps/files. It’s just the right app for complete privacy protection.


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