Intel’s Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rival Leaks; Patent Shows ‘Detachable Curved Display’

Intel and Microsoft used to be the best of friends, but the two companies have already become frenemies since 2011 when they scheduled their developer’s conferences in the same week. Though they still cooperate from time to time, they have since viewed each other as competitors. The rivalry is about to heat up this year now that Intel is planning to launch an advanced 2-in-1 laptop hybrid that will likely be a strong opponent for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5.

The Leaker disclosed this weekend that Intel has already patented an electronic device with detachable display. The sound of detachable display alone is enough to tell us that Intel is going after the market that the Surface and Surface Pro lines have established. Interestingly, Intel clearly wants to lure more consumers to its laptop hybrid that’s why it is using a curved display — something that Microsoft has yet to try with its Surface devices.

The illustration in the patent shows a very similar configuration to that of Microsoft’s Surface Pro devices. The only thing that separates it from the latter is the curvaceous display and the keyboard that’s designed to complement the form factor of the screen. The Leaker noted that Intel could be going for curved displays because the technology is pretty common among television systems and PC monitors lately.

Other renders emphasized how the curved 2-in-1 has a unique look compared to other mainstream hybrid laptops on the market. The keyboard is also depicted to be just as thick as the display, so it is being speculated that it will contain another battery, a separate storage space and another processing unit. Since this is going to be Intel’s first entry into the 2-in-1 market, the company will likely use its next-generation processors to give it distinction from other hybrids out there. There isn't any clue yet on when can consumers expect Intel's laptop hybrid to arrive.

Meanwhile, there are numerous rumors surrounding Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro 4 successor. Aside from giving the device a decent specs upgrade, it is also expected to come with Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor. The screen is rumored to have 4K resolution. A previously leaked patent also hinted at a rechargeable Surface Pen. According to Alphr, Microsoft will most likely launch the Surface Pro 5 this April.



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