Initialize Dot Files Without Restarting The Current Shell Session

You can always initialize your shell startup files without restarting a Unix or Linux based session. The command and input file name depends upon your shell you are using. You can use the following command to find out your shell name:

echo $ SHELL

Sample outputs:


Restart a Unix/Linux session based on ksh or bash shell

The syntax is:

   . $  HOME/.profile . $  HOME/.bash_profile   ## or Use source command ## source $  HOME/.profile source $  HOME/.bash_profile

The source or . is a shell builtin commands to read and execute commands from given FILENAM. If you have created a $ HOME/.bashrc file, type:

   . $  HOME/.bashrc   ## or    source $  HOME/.bashrc

Restart a Unix/Linux session based on csh or tcsh shell

The syntax is as follows for csh/tcsh based shell:

   source .cshrc source .login

For more info see your shell man pages - bash(1), tcsh(1), ksh(1) or type the following command:

   help source help .


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