Logitech meluncurkan periferal game PC LIGHTSPEED

Logitech mengirim email kepada HEXUS hari ini untuk memberi tahu kami tentang perangkat gaming PC LIGHTSPEED yang baru. Rentang LIGHTSPEED awal termasuk mouse nirkabel dan keyboard mekanik. KECEPATAN CAHAYA tidak ada hubungannya dengan RGB LED, atau sensor mouse tetapi teknologi nirkabel berpemilik dari Logitech, dirancang "to deliver unparalleled speed, consistency and robustness". Logitech juga mengumumkan gaming mousepad baru.

Itu Logitech G603 gaming mouse nirkabel serta Logitech G613 keyboard gaming mekanik nirkabel utilise the aforementioned LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. Logitech's fast wireless tech is said to "deliver professional-grade wireless performance and unrivalled reliability" dan, dalam kasus G603, "latency that surpasses wired gaming mice". That's a bold claim to make. Both devices are said, in empirical terms, to feature a 1ms report rate. Unfortunately the dedicated LIGHTSPEED microsite set-up by Logitech hadn't materialised by the time of writing, so we can't delve further into these claims.

Logitech G603 gaming mouse nirkabel

Serta fitur komunikasi nirkabel super cepat baru, G603 boasts Logitech's latest HERO optical sensor. HERO stands for 'High Efficiency Rated Optical'. It is said to provide 10x power efficiency, important for a wireless device and said to help along the 500 hours non-stop gaming life, yet boasts precision and accuracy at 200 to 12,000 DPI with no acceleration or smoothing.

On the topic of gaming vs general use, Logitech has equipped the G603 with a hi/lo switch. It recommends the 'hi' setting for gaming with its 1ms report rate. However if using the G603 for general activities users may switch to 'lo' for an 8ms report rate and battery life extended from 500 hours to 18 months.

Other key specs of this gaming mouse are its six programmable buttons, on the fly DPI shifting, ergonomic weight and balance (you can choose one or two batteries to adjust the weight, Bluetooth connectivity options, onboard memory and compatibility with the Logitech Gaming Software. In the UK the G603 costs £69.99 including tax and postage and is available immediately.

Logitech G613 keyboard gaming mekanik nirkabel

Itu G613 Keyboard lagi-lagi merupakan perangkat nirkabel yang terhubung melalui pilihan teknologi nirkabel LIGHTSPEED Anda, untuk tingkat laporan MSNOMX ms super cepat, dan / atau Bluetooth untuk konektivitas multi-host. Masa pakai baterai untuk perangkat ini dikatakan hingga bulan 1 menggunakan sel AA 18x, tergantung pada mode dan penggunaan sambungan perangkat.

Logitech employs its own Romer-G mechanical switches for quiet, precise mechanical performance and a 70 million click durability figure. If you've seen a Logitech keyboard advertised or reviewed before you will likely be aware that Romer-G switches provide a short 1.5mm actuation, providing a 25 per cent speed boost over rival designs, according to Logitech.

Ada G-keys yang dapat diprogram 6 ke batas kiri keyboard untuk permainan dan fungsi makro lainnya. Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) dapat digunakan untuk dengan mudah mengatur dan mengelola profil aplikasi, perintah keystroke dan banyak lagi.

The Logitech G613 is available to pre-order now at £129.99 including tax and postage.

Terakhir, dan jelas bukan bagian dari rentang LIGHTSPEED, Logitech telah meluncurkan G840 XL Gaming Mouse Pad. Its 'desk sized', so covers a generous keyboarding and mousing area - if not your whole desk.

The precise size of the G840 XL is 900x400mm. It is said to provide optimal sensor imagery for gaming mice, with a pleasing texture and 'feel'. The mouse mat is 3mm thick and supplied with a durable tube for easy transportation. If you are interested this full desk mouse pad is available to pre-order for £42.99 including tax and postage.



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