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Pixel 2 ulasan: Masih uang terbaik ponsel Android dapat membeli

Dalam review kami satu tahun yang lalu, VentureBeat disebut Pixel “uang terbaik ponsel Android dapat membeli.” Piksel 2, meluncurkan dua minggu lalu, menawarkan beberapa perbaikan ditandai lebih dari pendahulunya: di antara mereka kamera yang lebih baik, pencarian visual yang, dan on-the-spot terjemahan 40 bahasa. Dengan ini…

WiFi security has been KRACKed says researchers

In our increasingly networked world, many of our IoT devices rely on WIFI security for safe communication. Now a group of security researchers are set to reveal that the most popular WIFI security protocol currently in use, WPA2, has an inherent flaw. Called KRACK, short for

A Spotify UWP app may be on the way

Microsoft in 2017 has been much more about cooperating than competing, meaning when it decided to end its music service it also made an effort to hand over its Groove Music subscribers to earlier rival Spotify. Microsoft already had a pre-existing relationship with the Swedish company,