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Twitter launches Video Website Card ads for businesses

Twitter is introducing a new video ad format today designed to help brands raise awareness and drive traffic to their websites and other online properties. The Video Website Card, which has been in limited beta with some advertisers for several months already, is an extension of

Twitter is implementing new rules to fix abuse of the platform

Twitter’s enforcement of its own rules around behaviour and harassment have become a hotbed of controversy in the past few months. Between the platform’s seemingly cavalier attitude towards the proliferation of bots to serve government propaganda, wide-spread harassment of minorities and women, and validation of neo-nazi

Hogyan viselkedni töröl a Twitter account

How do I delete my Twitter account? By taking a trip to Twitter’s website, valójában. No matter the reason, you might find your days of tweeting out jokes, favoriting replies, sharing photos of your favorite memes, and retweeting to abandon have come to an end. Ha…

Mirai malware mögött Dyn DDoS támadás volt?

  IoT-meghajtású malware okozhatta Twitter, Spotify & Reddit outage Mirai, the botnet malware that was made open source at the beginning of this month, állítólag a DDoS támadás, hogy elővette Twitter mögött, GitHub és Spotify, többek között, pénteken. A támadás, amely…

Hogyan, hogy ellenőrizni a Twitter [Infographic]

What do Anna Kendrick, Serena Williams, and Dharmesh Shah all have in common? Aside from the fact that you can hear from all three at INBOUND 2016, each of these people has a verified account on Twitter. tudod, the little blue checkmark? That blue “ellenőrzött” …