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VnStat PHP telepítése Ubuntu Desktop kezdőknek

vnStat PHP is a nice bandwidth monitoring tool with web interface based on vnStat console. vnStat PHP can show you visual graph and table of hourly, napi, and monthly bandwidth usage. It can monitor any network interface you use (WLAN, LAN, stb.). It doesn’t need MySQL

Hogyan viselkedni orrgazdaság WordPress admin jelszava

  WordPress egy szabad és nyílt forráskódú tartalomkezelő rendszer (CMS), a PHP és a MySQL, melyik tudod használ-hoz teremt egy szép website alapján. Április 2016, WordPress által használt több mint 26.4% a felső 10 millió weboldalak világszerte. Sometimes WordPress webmasters

Orangescrum telepíteni az Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

  Orangescrum is a free and open source project management and collaboration application, ideal for small and medium businesses. With this application, you can easily create and manage your projects, teams, dokumentumok, and tasks and communicate with the other team members on your important issues. Orangescrum

Telepíteni a MyBB az Ubuntu 16.04

In today’s article we will install MyBB on a Ubuntu 16.04 VPS. MyBB is a very popular open source, intuitive and extensible forum software developed using PHP and MySQL. With everything from forums to threads, posts to private messages, search to profiles, and reputation to warnings,

Hogyan viselkedni felszerel PostgreSQL és phpPgAdmin Ubuntu 16.04

  PostgreSQL or Postgres is a powerful high-performance object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) released under a flexible BSD-style license. PostgreSQL is well suited for large databases and has many advanced features. PostgreSQL is available for many operating systems including Linux, A FreeBSD, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows. PhpPgAdmin

Hogyan kell telepíteni Ubuntu lámpa 15.10

In this tutorial we will show you how to install and configuration of LAMP on your Ubuntu 15.10 szerver. Azoknak, akik nem tudják,, LAMP represents a full featured stack containing the most popular web server known as Apache, the most popular database server

A PHP-ban WordPress szöveg widget

Ever wondered how to get php code working in the WordPress text widget? There are some plugins out there wich enable this simple functionality, but why using a plugin if it’s so easy to implement by yourself! You just have to insert the following code to

Hogyan válasszuk ki egy PHP keretrendszer

PHP egyike a leg--bb népszerű programozási nyelvek, a világ minden tájáról, and the recent PHP 7 release made this server-side programming language better and more stable than ever. PHP széles körben használják a jelentős projektekben. Facebook, például, utilizes PHP for maintaining and creating their

Felszerel Orsolya, Nginx a Debian 8

In this tutorial we will cover the steps needed for installing Habari with Nginx on a Debian 8 VPS. Habari is a free and open source blog engine written in PHP that currently supports MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL for the database backend. It is a publishing