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FarPoint felülvizsgálat

No-one seems quite sure just yet whether or not PlayStation VR has been a success. Headsets are still hard to come by, and if scarcity equals popularity then that suggests maybe this won’t be joining the EyeToy on Sony’s pile of forgotten hardware shame, but just

Top 10 Verseny-játékok az Xbox egyik

  Racing gameses have been around ever since PC gaming began. But never have they been so successful as they are in this age of consoles. Perhaps the reason is that joysticks and controllers have made it easier and more enjoyable to control cars and bikes

Ubisoft "Assassin's Creed: eredete’ Kiszivárgott az új kép

An off-screen image of an upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” game has leaked online, with reports claiming that the new entry into the franchise will be called “Assassin’s Creed: Origins.” The off-screen image of “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” was posted on Reddit by a user with the handle “shoutouttoashraf.”

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How do you add intricacy to a genre as fearsomely intricate, as batty with systems, variables and knock-on effects as the so-calledimmersive simulation? One of Prey‘s answers to that questionand I promise this isn’t me feeling around for a headlineis to

Legjobb szabad iPhone játékok 2017

  Keresi a legjobb szabad iPhone játékok? Azért jöttél, hogy a megfelelő helyre. Ebben a cikkben felhajt a 83 legjobb szabad iPhone játékok a élvezetnyújtás, a harcok és a sport játékok, puzzle és RPG-k. Ha figyelembe vesszük a szabad iPhone játékok, you should watch