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Enable Dark Theme Mode For File Explorer In Windows 10

  The dark mode is helpful while working in low light conditions. Popular smartphone operating systems and many popular apps offer a dark theme or dark mode to help users use smart devices without straining eyes under low light conditions. Windows 10 has also been offering

Mi fókuszsegéd és hogyan kell használni

Used to be called Quiet Hours, Focus Assist is an improved feature in Windows 10 April Update to help you stay in the zone. It’s a smart way of stopping notifications popping up when you are busy. Alapértelmezés, Focus Assist will automatically mute all notifications

Windows 10 Gyors Tippek - csoportházirend állapota

  Group Policy Editor Today’s Quick Tips article is going to be truly “quick”, but I hope it will also be a useful tip. Please note that only the Pro, Vállalati, and Education editions of Windows offer a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Group Policy

AMD Phenom tulajdonosok sújtja őrült DRM problémák

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) – A Necessary Evil? In one form or another DRM has been around for decades and even predates Napster, which ironically was the company that really justified its existence and implementation in the first place. Ma, DRM is all-pervasive, nem…

Windows 10 Gyors tippek - Könyvtárak Revisited

  múlt héten, we talked a little bit about the Windows Library feature. If you are interested in reading it first, please go to this Windows 10 Quick Tips – Enabling Libraries page. In that article we briefly touched upon enabling Libraries, but didn’t say much,