Hónap: Október 2016

Office for Mac 2016 funkciók, UK ár & több

Office for Mac 2016 first launched as part of Office 365 in July of 2015, but Mac users wanting to buy a copy outright, rather than subscribe, had to wait for Microsoft to launch the boxed version. That finally happened in September, when those Mac users

NoNotifications mutató 0.9 Mentesít-val új jellegét meghatározza

NoNotifications is an Ubuntu indicator for temporarily suppressing NotifyOSD (which is used by Unity) notifications. This can be useful for presentations, when working, és így tovább, to prevent unwanted notifications. The indicator was completely rewritten recently, bringing some new features. With the new version, there’s an

Asztali Gmail kliens "WMail" 2.0.0 Megjelent stabil

WMail is a free, open source desktop client for Gmail and Google Inbox, elérhető a Linux, Windows, és a Mac. The application is a wrapper for Gmail / Google Inbox with unlimited account support, on top of which it adds features such as native desktop notifications (notification

SpaceView: Ubuntu File rendszer használat jelző

SpaceView is an Ubuntu indicator which displays the file system usage, created as a response to an AskUbuntu question. The AppIndicator displays a list of devices in its menu, and clicking on any of them sets it as default, displaying its free space directly on the

Intel Atom E3900 sorozat debütál a IoT

  The processor has been developed to offer greater power and stability Intel has announced its latest range of Atom Processors, designed specifically to bring IoT devices to life and power automotive experiences. The Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series uses 14-nanometer silicon technology to ensure it

Mirai malware mögött Dyn DDoS támadás volt?

  IoT-meghajtású malware okozhatta Twitter, Spotify & Reddit outage Mirai, the botnet malware that was made open source at the beginning of this month, állítólag a DDoS támadás, hogy elővette Twitter mögött, GitHub és Spotify, többek között, pénteken. A támadás, amely…

Intel Haswell zsetonnal nyitott malware hibája

  The vulnerability applies to Haswell chips installed in Linux, Windows, Android and iOS Researchers from the universities of Binghamton and California claim to have found that Intel Haswell microprocessors running on Linux, Windows, Android and Apple’s iOS and MacOS have a vulnerability that could leave