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'Komorebi' prikaz sata & Animacije u Ubuntu

Komorebi is a Linux wallpaper manager that provides fully customizable backgrounds, e,g., show date and time on desktop. Wallpapers included by default range from animated ones, still, and gradients! See screenshots below. A settings dialog is available to launch by right-clicking on desktop and choose what

Vizualni pregled na deepin 15.4 GNU/Linux ljepote

deepin 15.4 je otpušten na Svibanj 19 2017. Ovaj pregled otkriva vizualnog aspekta ovaj prekrasan GNU/Linux operativni sustav. deepin je vrlo vizualni desktop OS gdje je sve dostupna preko GUI, i u 15.4 izdanje se nevjerojatno više user-friendly. Radna površina i…

Windows 10 Taskbar not hiding? Here is the fix!

U sustavu Windows 10 taskbar is probably displayed on most users systems all the time. The core reason for that is likely that many are unaware that the taskbar can be hidden, and that others prefer a less dynamic interface. Hiding the taskbar makes room for a

28 best free software downloads for your laptop

1. Best free software downloads for your laptop: Desktop messengers For those that don't want to constantly send emails back and forth, there are plenty of desktop messaging apps that will make collaborating much easier, whether it be working on a group project or in