Kako biste dijagnosticirali i riješili probleme s USB disk na Windows

Mi smo svi koristiti na temelju USB Pogoni vrlo često na Windows. zašto ne, je li tako? To je vjerojatno najlakši način za razmjenu podataka, vrlo praktičan za nošenje, i što je najvažnije, To je čep & play without any additional drivers to play with. But have you ever experienced issues like Windows not recognizing the USB flash drive you plug into the USB port on your computer, or the drive cannot be formatted, or with the wrong size, etc.?

Ako je tako, ovaj Windows USB Troubleshooter could be useful to help you out. Similar to Alat za otklanjanje poteškoća Windows Update, it’s a free tool provided by Microsoft that scans your computer to find any issues related to USB drive and automatically fix them.

How Windows USB Troubleshooter works

1. Download Windows USB Troubleshooter from this direct download link. It’s only 310KB and wrapped as Troubleshooting Package Cabinet that can be directly launched.

2. Double-click the WinUSB.diagcab file you downloaded to launch the troubleshooter.

Windows USB Troubleshooter

3. Kliknite Sljedeći button to start the scanning process.

Windows USB Troubleshoot - Scanning

4. Then the tool lists all USB drives and asks to check the problematic ones to go further for a release and reject test. Make sure the ones you select are not in use to avoid data loss. Kliknite Sljedeći za nastavak.

Windows USB Troubleshooter - select usb drive

5. The troubleshooter will move forward and automatically fix any issues it detects. No actions required during this process.

Windows USB Troubleshooter - completed

Zatim, problem found and successfully fixed. Kliknite na Zatvori button to close the tool.