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The Snap App of Sublime Text 3 Available for Test

The community has made Sublime Text 3 into the SNAP package. Do sada, it’s available for testing in candidate channel. A snap is an universal Linux application comes with all its dependencies bundled. It runs in sandbox and is isolated from other system software. Ako ti…

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu

Spotify is now available as a Snap app on Ubuntu and other Snap-supporting Linux distributions. Despite this launch Spotify say Linux is still not a platform they actively support The package means it’s now more convenient for fans of Spotify to install the official client on

Linux Mint 19 Datum objave & Značajke

The name and approximate release date of Linux Mint 19 have been revealed. The next major release of the popular Ubuntu-based Linux operating system will be called Linux Mint 19 “Tara”. Da, Tara. The codename is firmly in keeping with other Linux Mint releases, all of

How to Install Latest Avidemux 2.7.0 u Ubuntu 17.10, 18.04

The latest packages for Avidemux video editor 2.7.0 is available in GetDeb.net. Međutim, the GetDeb repository is not updated for a few months, and there’s no packages for Ubuntu 17.10. For those who don’t prefer the official Appimage (non-install) binary, I’ve uploaded Avidemux 2.7.0 packages into

Wine Reached the Stable 2.0.4 Objavio

A new maintenance release for the Wine 2.0 stable series was released a few days ago on Jan 2. Vino 2.0.4 ships with a total of 31 ispravci grešaka, including fixes to Mixcraft 8, Magic Online, PhotoFiltre. There are also updates for National Language Support files and

How to Install Stellarium 0.17.0 u Ubuntu 18.04/17.10/16.04

Stellarium, a free planetarium software, postignut je 0.17.0 release with many new features, ispravci grešaka, and other changes. The major changes in Stellarium 0.17.0: Added support for nomenclature of planetary surface (SOCIS 2017 project) Added improvements for AstroCalc tool Added improvements for Oculars plugin Added improvements for

RetroArch 1.7.0 Released! How to Install it via PPA in Ubuntu

RetroArch game emulator reached the 1.7.0 release a few days ago with tons of changes. Evo kako ga instalirati na Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 17.10 putem PPA. RetroArch 1.7.0 release highlights: Integrated Bliss-box 4-Play support Badges for achievements Improved lightgun support Windows 95/Windows 98

Vivaldi preglednik 1.13 Objavljen s poboljšanjima

Vivaldi preglednik dosegla nove stabilne 1.13 otpustiti s poboljšanjima za preuzimanje i karticama funkcionalnosti. Vivaldi preglednik 1.13 značajke: Upozorenje dijalog ako preuzimanje nepotpuni Sposobnost za pauzu i nastaviti downloads download brzinu na traci napretka staklu i drvo-stil jezičke funkcije…

Kako instalirati MPV 0.28.0 u Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04

MPV media player dostignuta 0.28.0 puštanje prije nekoliko dana. Evo kako ga instalirati putem PPA u Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04. MPV 0.28.0 zahtijeva FFmpeg 3.4 i ima početnu i D3D11 Vulkan podršku. Ostale promjene uključuju: Dodaj DRM_PRIME Format rukovanje i prikaz za Rockchip…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Theme for KDE Plasma

A new KDE icon theme is bringing a sprinkle of Samsung Experience to the Plasma desktop. The Dex icon theme for KDE draws inspiration from the icons used on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Like its source Dex uses a “squircle” shape for the majority of its

VirtualBox 5.2.2 Added Improvements to High Resolution Screens

VirtualBox 5.2.2, the first maintenance release for VBox 5.2 serija, objavljen je danas. Changes in Virtualbox 5.2.2 include: Various improvements for high resolution screens Added functionality to duplicate optical and floppy images Various improvements for the virtual media manager VMM: fixed emulation so that Plan

Ugradite vijak CMS na CentOS 7

  U ovom priručniku, mi ćemo vam pokazati kako instalirati Bolt CMS na CentOS 7 VPS sa MariaDB, PHP 7 i Nginx kao web server. Bolt CMS je lagani open source Content Management alat, pisan u PHP i to je izgrađena na Silex…

Firefox Nightly Adds CSD Option

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Firefox 57 is awesome — so awesome that I’m finally using it as my default browser again. But there is one thing it the Linux version of Firefox sorely needs: client-side decoration. If you follow this site