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RHEL 7.5 objavljen i ovdje je kako nadograditi 7.4 da 7.5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.5 objavio. Ova verzija uključuje ažuriranja i razne poboljšanja, kao što su GNOME rebased na verziju 3.26, LibreOffice rebased na verziju 5.3, Podrška za libva (VA-API) dodaje se, GStreamer sada podržava mp3 i više. RHEL je jedna od vodećih poduzeća Linux distribucije…

Debian Linux 9.4 objavljen i ovdje je kako to nadograditi

Debian GNU / Linux projekt je objavio ažuriranu verziju svog stabilnog Linux Debian distribucije 9 ( „Istezanje”). Morate nadograditi kako bi dobili korekcije sigurnosnom problemu kao ova verzija je napravio nekoliko prilagodbi u teškim pitanjem naći u Debian verziji 9.3. Debian je Unix-like…

Kako upravljati listi Kontejneri sa Rancher na Ubuntu

  Rancher is an open source container management platform. It allows you to run and manage Docker and Kubernetes containers with ease. Rancher provides infrastructure services such as multi-host networking, load balancing, and volume snapshots. U ovom tutorijalu, I will show you how to install and

Kako instalirati OroCRM s Nginx na Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

  OroCRM is an open source Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform fully targeted at e-commerce and marketing teams with a multichannel perspective. It is fully customizable and an enterprise-ready CRM application providing tons of features. It is built on PHP Symfony framework and uses MySQL to

Avoid Google Maps with GNOME Maps on GNU/Linux

Tako, it’s not really any secret nowadays, that Google saves pretty well anything you ever do using their services. It’s also no secret nowadays, that many people try and avoid using Google services, and would prefer to use alternatives to many of their popular tools, such

Connecting to a Nextcloud server on GNU/Linux

I'm sure by this point, it's no question what 'cloud storage' je, essentially a file locker on a remote machine. We are at least mostly familiar with famous brands such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox; but slowly more and more people are starting to

How To Install Libreoffice 6.0 Via Ubuntu Command Line

LibreOffice 6.0 objavio. How to install LibreOffice via Ubuntu command line; install LibreOffice in Ubuntu via Terminal commands. The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 6.0: power, simplicity, security and interoperability from desktop to cloud The new major release adds a large number of significant new features to

List All Installed Packages with yum on CentOS 7

  In this short tutorial, we will show you, how to list all installed packages with yum on CentOS 7 . Yum is the default package manager used in CentOS, used to interact with both individual RPM package files and many repositories. This tutorial was written

How To Check WiFi Signal Strength In Ubuntu Terminal

Install wavemon on Ubuntu to check the Ubuntu WiFi strength via commandline. Wavemon is a Linux WiFi signal strength mapper that shows the iwconfig signal level; iw signal strength on screen. wavemon is a ncurses-based monitoring application for wireless network devices. It plots levels in real-time

Use Apt-Get Install Specific Version Of Package

Using apt-get command to install specific version of package in Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu users can install package from previous release or install a specific version of a package. A specific version of a package can be selected for installation by following the package name with an

How to Install MariaDB on CentOS 7

  We will show you how to install MariaDB on CentOS 7. MariaDB is a community-developed fork of MySQL. MariaDB is a free and open source database software, widely used ranging from websites to banking software. It is an improved, drop-in replacement for MySQL. Tako je…

Kako instalirati NextCloud 13 na Ubuntu 16.04

  NextCloud is one of the most popular free and open source self-hosted file sync and sharing application. You can use it to store your personal files, Kontakti, slike, music and much more and it allows you to access them or share them with your friends

How To Install PyCharm on Ubuntu 16.04

Let us show you how to install PyCharm on a Ubuntu 16.04 sustav. PyCharm is a state-of-the-art Python IDE designed around productivity and functionality. It offers a wide array of features, such as a graphical debugger, refactoring tools, an intelligent code editor and so on. Na…

How To Install Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Introduction Nginx is one of the most popular open source web server software. It is widely used for load balancing, reverse proxying, media streaming and much more. Nginx is the only all‑in‑on high-performance HTTP server, designed to serve high volume of concurrent connections, kao i…