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ZTE launches Axon M, a dual 5.2-inch screen smartphone

Earlier today ZTE launched an innovative new smartphone which leverages dual 5.2-inch colour displays. The foldable ZTE Axon M opens up and can operate in dual, mirror, and extend screen modes, offering up some useful and unique possibilities. Dual screens obviously offer some excellent multitasking options

Samsung Product Planners Hint At Galaxy Note 9 Razvoj

Galaxy Note 8 has been on the market for about one month, but Samsung’s product development team is already focused on new products. BJ Kang and Cue Kim, of Samsung Electronics’ Global Product Planning Group, recently hinted in an interview that development for the Galaxy

How to Hide Caller ID on iPhone – Tutorial

Here’s how you can hide caller ID on your iPhone and prevent your number from showing up to the person you are calling. Learn to Hide Caller ID on iPhone and Protect Your Phone Number. Whenever we receive a phone call, the first thing we do