Month: Travanj 2017

The best free iPhone games on the planet

The days when you had to buy a dedicated gaming rig and spend a load of cash for a quality gaming experience are long gone. Thanks to the iPhone (and iPod touch) and the App Store, you can get an excellent mobile gaming experience for just

Nintendo Super NES Classic mini review

The NES mini was a huge success, but very much a first effort from Nintendo ripe for improvement. Fine for more casual gamers, the experience for enthusiasts was let down by flaws including subpar video scaling, ultra-short controller cords, audio lag and a range of minor

Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 64 Gaming OC photos emerge

Last week a number of tech sites were reporting that Gigabyte wouldn't be launching custom Radeon RX Vega 64 designs. Međutim, things change quickly in the world of tech, and earlier today VideoCardz published what it claims to be a set of pictures of an upcoming

Cuphead review

In the 1930s, employees at Universal Studio Cartoons devised a game to interrupt the bow-backed routine of inking cels and preparing animation frames. The men would work rubber bands and clumps of spit-mulched paper into spongy balls, hide them on their laps and, at an opportune

How to Install SMPlayer 17.10 putem PPA u Ubuntu 17.10

A new monthly update of SMPlayer media player was released earlier today. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu via PPA. SMPlayer 17.10 following two changes: Replace the deprecated video and audio filters in mpv with new ones. The karaoke filter is available again. Imajte na umu da…

Best SSDs 2017: the top solid-state drives for your PC

Update: Now closing out our best SSD list is the Samsung Portable SSD T5, an external solid-state drive that competently rivals many PCIe and SATA options in terms of read/write performance. Međutim, you’ll need to proper hardware if you plan on taking advantage of its towering

Best printer 2017: Top inkjet printers in the UAE

Update: We've checked and updated this guide to make sure it gives you the best possible advice. Only the very best printers are included in this guide. If you're looking for a new printer for the office, check out our best business printers guide. Looking for