Month: Srpanj 2017

Pogledajte Nex-CPU-Z kao aplikacija za GNU/Linux

When I was running Windows one of the first pieces of software I’d install after I’d grabbed all my necessities, was CPU-Z. It was useful for looking at temperatures, specifikacije, generating reports, and just overall gathering of information. In GNU/Linux we can do all of this

Pogled u nano uređivač teksta u GNU/Linux

Given that I have been writing the odd article here and there about server work, agresivan, VPS and the like, I thought that perhaps an article about editing configuration files / text documents in a command line scenario might be a good idea. There are a

Kako postaviti i koristiti iCloud Keychain na Mac

Sick of coming up with your own strong passwords? Let iCloud Keychain help. iCloud Keychain is Apple’s attempt at password management. It keeps all of your passwords and accounts for you and keeps them consistent across all of your devices. It can also generate passwords for

Microsoft na radnom mjestu Analytics proizvodnost alat

  Produktivnost je uravnotežena kombinacija inteligentno planiranje i usredotočen napor ili jednostavnim riječima, sve više posla u manje vremena. Svakom radnom mjestu, howsoever large or small is largely driven by efficiency which manifests itself into productivity at a later stage. Lower or insufficient

AMD dizala poklopac na Radeon RX Vega iskustvo

It’s full-steam ahead at AMD. The firm’s CPU division has turned a corner, i još nešto, and the recently formed Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) is now gearing up to re-establish AMD as a competitive force in the discrete desktop GPU market. RTG’s hopes rest on the

Kako pravilno oblikovati koda u programu OneNote

OneNote has come a long way since it’s release. It started out as a very basic note taking app. It’s had improved over the years and holds up reasonably well against the likes of Evernote. Microsoft’s productivity suite is also incredibly popular on desktops and OneNote

Hyperloop Pod iz Indije ne 750 Milja na sat

There are many companies working on Hyperloop technology and there is a race among them to create the fastest transportation system, expanding on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s idea of a sealed pod that can travel free of air resistance and friction. Za nepoduzetan, a Hyperloop

EKWB pokreće EK-Vardar EVO fanovi sa start-stop funkcija

EK Water Blocks has launched a new range of EK-Vardar fans featuring start-stop functionality. These extended range PWM fans are being made available in 120mm and 140mm sizes, in various colours and with various maximum RPM speeds. The new EK-Vardar EVO fans with start-stop functionality can

Prikaz stanja instaliranih Ubuntu pakete

How to find out the lifespan of Ubuntu Packages. ubuntu-support-status –show-all command shows the lifespan of Linux Ubuntu packages installed on the system. Display the Status of Ubuntu Packages Ubuntu users can use the following commands to check the status of all the installed packages. Na…