Mjesec: Travanj 2016

iCar puštanje datum glasine, dokaz i slike

  Since February 2015, there have been various reports that Apple is working on a car that willgive Tesla a run for its moneyafter Business Insider spoke to an Apple employee with knowledge of the subject. This coupled with sightings of cars registered to

NoNotifications pokazatelj 0.9 Objavljen s novim značajkama

NoNotifications is an Ubuntu indicator for temporarily suppressing NotifyOSD (which is used by Unity) notifications. This can be useful for presentations, when working, i tako dalje, to prevent unwanted notifications. The indicator was completely rewritten recently, bringing some new features. With the new version, there’s an

Google je AIs Saznajte kako šifrirati vlastite poruke

  Neural networks could create encryption that becomes stronger as you hack it A Google AI system learned how to build its own encryption key, and to make it stronger after being attacked. Google’s deep learning unit, Brain, built two neural networks, ‘Aliceand ‘Bob’, da…

Drugi hitne patch popravlja ' kritična’ Bljesak igrač manu

  Adobe say the update will patch a significant vulnerability affecting Windows users Adobe has warned its customers to update Flash player software immediately, following the discovery of a ‘criticalflaw that has already been exploited by malware. The emergency security update released yesterday aims to

Bit će predstavljen Intel Atom E3900 serije za mnogo

  The processor has been developed to offer greater power and stability Intel has announced its latest range of Atom Processors, designed specifically to bring IoT devices to life and power automotive experiences. The Intel Atom Processor E3900 Series uses 14-nanometer silicon technology to ensure it

Je Mirai malware iza Dyn DDoS napad?

  IoT-powered malware may have caused Twitter, Spotify & Reddit outage Mirai, the botnet malware that was made open source at the beginning of this month, was allegedly behind the DDoS attack that took out Twitter, Github and Spotify, među ostalima, on Friday. Napad, koji…

Intel Haswell čipove otvoren za malware pukotina

  Ranjivost se odnosi na Haswell čipova ugrađenih u Linuxu, Windows, Android i iOS Istraživači sa sveučilišta Binghamton i Kaliforniji tvrde da su otkrili da je Intel Haswell mikroprocesora radi na Linuxu, Windows, Android i Appleov iOS i MacOS ima ranjivost koja može ostaviti…