Mjesec: Srpanj 2016

Uvoz slike u Xcode korištenjem skica

If you are new to iOS app development, then take a look at my first foray into Swift development. Despite the rough start, I did build an app that’s selling on the app store. It’s given me enough extra income to buy a double espresso every

Kako ciljati DFP oglase određenih URL-ova

Recently I had an advertiser running a direct campaign that wasn’t having great success. We decided if we could match the ad to specific pages, the results might be better. Nažalost, like many things in Google DFP – this was going to be complex to set-up.

AOMEI dijeljenje pomoćnik 6.0 Pregled

Došao sam ravno do točke, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a powerful disk partition management software. Kako promijeniti veličinu ili Spajanje particija bez gubljenja podataka? Kako bi se maksimalno poboljšati performanse računala. AOMEI dijeljenje pomoćnik može upravljati particije diska kao PQmagic. To…

Što je BBC + i kako se to radi?

The BBC+ app for Android, iPhone and iPad has just launched, offering UK residents a new way to consume and enjoy the Beeb’s content. So what is BBC+, how do you get it and how does it work? What is the BBC+ app? BBC+ is a