Mjesec: Travanj 2015

Kako to uprava tvoj lozinka sa Enpass na Linux

Enpass je napredni lozinka voditelj koja radi nativno na Linux. Iako svoj OpenBSD izvor narav je ograničen u korištenju slobodnog softvera enkripcija motor zove SQLCipher, the tool offers good integration with widely used online services and can serve as a central platform

Kako se slika steganography na Linux

Steganography is the ancient art of the information concealment. People have found numerous methods to achieve this such as “invisible” inks, messages hidden in objects, and the famous “null cipher”. The word “steganography” comes from the Greek words “steganos” and “graphy” which means “impenetrable writing”. Na…

Kako igrati PSP igre na Linux Ubuntu sustava

How to Play PSP Games in Linux Ubuntu Systems. Install PPSSPP 1.1 PSP emulator for Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 15.04 i Ubuntu 14.04. PPSSPP is a PSP emulator written in C++, that can run your PSP games on your PC in full HD resolution, i igrati ih…

Instalirati Quokka na Centos VPS

In this blog post we will show you how to install Quokka on a Centos VPS with Nginx and uWSGI. Quokka is open source flexible content management system based on the Flask web framework . You can use Quokka to build a web portal, publish a

Kako instalirati Subrion CMS na Debian 8 VPS

U ovom tutorijalu, we will show you how to install Subrion CMS on a Debian 8 VPS sa Apache, PHP i MySQL Installer na sebi. Subrion is a free content management system written in PHP that allows web developers to build websites for any purpose. Ovo…