Mjesec: Kolovoz 2015

iOS 9 sadržaj blokira proširenja: objasnio

Content blockers aren’t ad blockers. But that’s what most people will use them for. Safari content blocking extensions don’t automagically identify ads and prevent them from loading. Umjesto toga, they identify elements and resources on a web page and can, optionally, hide those elements and prevent those

Predati na poštu-in-Box: Open Source Mail Server rješenje

About Mail-in-a-Box Mail-in-a-Box is a free, OpenBSD izvor, mail server solution developed by Joshua Tauberer. Using Mail-in-a-Box, anyone can easily turn a fresh cloud system into a Mail server in few hours. It can host mail for multiple users and multiple domain names. Mail-in-a-Box is based on Ubuntu 14.04

Microsoft uvodi Office UI tkanine da se na Bootstrap

Microsoft has just released Office UI Fabric – it’s new front-end framework for developers. Office UI Fabric is kind of like Bootstrap, which allows developers to build a website pretty quickly. Microsoft states: Today we are announcing the general availability of Office UI Fabric on GitHub.

16 Primjeri strašan E-mail Marketing kampanje

If you’re reading this, you probably have an email address (or two, or three …). zapravo, you’ve probably been sending and receiving emails for years, and you’ve definitely received some questionable deliveries in your inbox. Whether they were unexpected, uninformative, or had a subject line tHaT wAs fOrmAtTeD

Vrh 10 Stvari koje treba tražiti u SEO stručnjaka

Your company’s Website might look great, with plenty of multimedia sizzle. But if the site isn’t consistently attracting targeted visitors and converting them into customers, it’s not doing its job—which can have a negative impact on revenue. It may be time to hire a search engine

Vrh 100 SEO agencija u SAD-u

Editor: These rankings were derived solely from organic search rankings. This is not an endorsement of these firms. Tread carefully and always call references before hiring a SEO firm! 1. Path Interactive This New York Agency knows their SEO. mislim, they were first on the SERPs