Mjesec: Lipnja 2015

Samsung planira više Tizen telefona za ovu godinu?

Ranije ove godine, Samsung had announced there would bea flood of devicespowered by its Android OS competitor Tizen in 2015. While the Korean tech-giant has made wearables, appliances and TVs all boasting its home-grown OS, only one Tizen smartphone, the Samsung Z1, has launched

FYI: Windows 10 Izgraditi 10158 Radovi na površini 3

Microsoft today released Windows 10 Izgraditi 10158 da iznutra. The latest build comes with a handful of new features and improvements, including Microsoft Edge branding, an improved Photos app and much more. U slučaju da ste propustili, you can checkout what’s new in this build by heading

Glasine: Microsoft u razgovoru za kupiti AMD

Jučer, Microsoft announced major changes related to their Mapping and Display Advertising business. In the both the cases, they offloaded business activities that are not core focus for Microsoft. In the case of Mapping, they sold Maps imagery collecting team and related IP to Uber. U…

Skrivena moć pregled e-pošte

Marketers use a wide variety of approaches to reach prospects and customers via email. Prema na 2015 National client email report by the DMA, newslettere, welcome messages, and customer surveys remain the top three ways for email marketers to achieve their campaign objectives. Let’s zoom

Što je novo u sustavu Windows 10 izgraditi 10158

Uncharacteristically late on Monday afternoon, Microsoft released a pivotal new version of the Windows 10 Unutar pregleda. Izgraditi 10158, as it’s called, arrives one month after the last official build, and one month before July 29, the set-in-concrete RTM ship date for the next version of

Amazon Prime sada donosi sat isporuka u London

Amazon wants to decrease the wait between you buying items and them appearing in your hands – it’s even working on a drone delivery service to make it faster – but now some UK Prime customers can receive their purchase within an hour. Prime Now has

Ovo bi mogao biti novi Moto G u punom sjaju

A new set of images have been leaked that might show Motorola’s upcoming Moto G (2015) handset. If these images, which were leaked to TechnoBuffalo by an anonymous source, are legitimate then it is our best look yet at the still unannounced budget smartphone. The images