How to Remove “You may use HTML tags” from Comment Section

Some of the WordPress theme have a box below the comment section with some text like”You may use these HTML tags and attributes:” and after that some HTML tags,this is to tell the users that they can use HTML in comments. There are various reasons one may like to remove the box and one of those is that they don’t look good in various cases and secondly it’s not necessary as in 99.9% cases a normal commenter never uses HTML in comments and mostly the spammers use it. To remove this box from the comment section, add the below code in your themes function.php file:

add_filter( 'comment_form_defaults', 'remove_comment_tags' ); function remove_comment_tags( $  defaults ) { 	$  defaults['comment_notes_after'] = ''; 	return $  defaults; }

functions.php file is located at  WP Dashboard> Appearance >Editor

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