How to refresh or reset your Windows 8 PC

When your system has such a problem e.g slowing down and generates error messages, there’s only one solution to refresh windows 8 or start from scratch. A full installation is a time-consuming job, because you have to copy all your data somewhere, and then restore your data.

Windows 8, for the first time in Windows history, gives you a much better way. It introduces two related new features that are called Reset and Refresh. Both operate very similarly but have very different results. In this post we are going to share simple steps, how to refresh or reset a windows 8 computer.

Refresh Your PC

Refresh Your PC is similar to Reset Your PC but it preserves your Windows Store apps from the Windows Store, settings, and personal files. However, traditional Windows desktop apps are removed.

Reset Your PC

Using Reset Your PC is similar to a clean install of Windows 8. All of your applications, settings, and files are removed and everything is changed back to the default settings. The difference is that with Reset Your PC, you can just click a few buttons and everything is fully automated.

Refresh Your PC

1. Open the Start screen, type Refresh your PC without affecting your files.

refresh windows 8


2. Win+C keys together to access it. Now click on Settings.

refresh windows 8-1

3. Click on Change PC settings option.

refresh windows 8-2

4. Under Recovery option, Click refresh your PC without affecting your files option.

refresh windows 8-3

refresh windows 8-4

5. Click Next to continue.

refresh windows 8-5

6. Click on refresh option.

refresh windows 8-6

7. Now wait while your computer restarts a couple of times and the PC Refresh completes.

refresh windows 8-7

Reset Your PC

1. Open the Start screen, type Remove Everything and reinstall Windows.

reset windows 8-1


2.  Press Win+C keys together, Click Setting then Change PC setting.

reset windows 8-2

3. Click Remove everything and reinstall Windows under recovery option.

reset windows 8-3

4. Click Next to reset your PC option.

reset windows 8-4

5. Two Option available, Just remove my files or fully clean the driver, choose your selection according to your current situation.

reset windows 8-5





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