Learn How to place two adsense ad units side by side in Blogger or WordPress. Is it okay and, does it will violate Google AdSense Policies?

When it comes to monetize website blog via Adsense, everyone become very cautious and hopeful to turn his traffic into money. But, then the Adsense publisher starts thinking that he is not Squeezing the right amount from his potential traffic because of getting expected CTR (click through rate). You usually in such scenario everyone wants to place ads in the best places where the chances were high to get ads clicked. And one of the most common best position to place ads and a practice followed by many popular sites is to put ads just right after post title. The another best place to get highest CTR is after the first para. And to maximize the chances to get ads clicked you can place two ads side by side, as shown in following screenshot;

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Well, placing both codes right after another is not a solution, and by this way both ads will appear vertically instead of horizontal. To show ads side by side in a horizontal way there are two possible ways to do, first one is by using table and, the second way is by use of floating divs. So lets start by assuming, you already aware to show ads on desired position.

1. Simple Table Method

In this method we will create simple table of one row with two columns. Now, simply you just have to copy / paste the following piece of table in your table in your sidebar widget or any of your other desired place, just make sure to replace ad-code with the exact ad code you recieved from your ad network.



Here, tr is used for rows and, td for columns. So, in case you want to show 3 ad units side by side, then simply add one more <td> element along its closing tag, same like following code;


That's it, no complication at all. To make space in between ads, replace the following code with below one;

<table><tr><td style="padding-right:5px;">ad-code</td><td>ad-code</td><td>ad-code</td></tr></table>

2. Floating Divs
In this method we will use div to keep chunk of code on place, adn then via CSS we will assign a floating property. This method is recommend and much better than tables, because it also works in responsive templates / themes and on reducing screen size than the combined the length of both ad units, ad units will move to vertical up and down straight from horizontal side by side. Just copy / paste the following code to your desired position.

<div style="float:left;">ad-code</div>
<div style="float:right;">ad-code</div>

Now replace ad-code with your adsense code script and then hit save button.


Is Using Two AdSense Ads Side by Side is Against Google Policies?

No, it is not against Google policies to align two adsense ads side by side. Gracey, a senior top contributor in Google AdSense Forums has confirmed it too, that; 'You can put two ad units side by side. Frankly though, two large ads side by side is overkill and tends to make sites look like "ad-spam".' But she also added very important thing that, placing ads below post titles that push content below the fold to increase chances of misleading clicks will come into AdSense policy violation.
So, be cautious before applying your adsense ads in your blog, though we don't owe responsibility of any kind of issue you get because of ad placement. Be smart, be careful, over to You!



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