How to Make Private Blog or Give Access to Specific Users

Blogger provide you different features to create one professional site, where you can share your knowledge with whole world and use unlimited hosting without paying anything that's why mostly newbies are use this platform for starting their blogging career. Basically creating blog on bloggers is not a difficult job, you can create free .BlogSpot blog in few seconds but when you thinking to create one private blog where you give access to specific users then you need to make some changes in blogger setting and add your specific peoples email IDs, who see your blog content. There is different reasons that a one person want to create private blog but many peoples are create different type of widgets for their blog and create one demo blog for testing these widgets and give access to specific users who see their created widgets and give suggestion on it, so today we will completely guide you to create one private blog. where you can give access to specific users.

Create a Free Private Blog on Blogger

The first thing you need to do is to create one new free .BlogSpot blog however if you already created and want to make it private then just follow below steps and make it private.
1. Login to your blogger account and select any blog which one you want to make private and click on “Setting” section.
2. Now here you can see “Blog Readers” option under “Permission” section, simply click on “Edit”.
3. Here you can see three different options that help you to make your blog public, private or give access to specific users. By default, when you create one new blog on blogger then “Public” option is already enabled, so everyone can access your site in which included Human visitors, Search Engines Crawlers, Robots etc. if you enabled “Private - Only blog authors” option then only you and some other blog authors can see your blog posts however If want to give permission to some specific peoples then simply select “Private - Only these readers” option and click on blue “+ Add readers” button, same as below screenshot.
4. After it, simply add some email IDs of some specific users and click on “Save Changes”.
5. Now you are successfully done it. Blogger will save these email IDs and whenever these peoples want to read your blog content then they must need to login with email ID that you added in blog otherwise they don’t able to see your content.  


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